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Thread: Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #68

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    Default Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #68

    Hola amigos! I'd like to welcome you all to a brand new week of Final Fantasy fan arts! This week, we will feature a fan art for the newly released Bravely Default, so maybe we should start expecting to see more in the upcoming weeks to come. As always, if anyone liked any of the works in this showcase, please take the time to visit the source to send the artists any compliments or favorite their work. They should appreciate that, and if anyone would like to guess comment in a future showcase, please send me a Mognet Message over the forums! With that out of the way, let's take a look at this week's showcase.

    Kpx-Beatrix @ DA

    Bravely Default: Edea Lee

    Our first fan art features the lovely Edea from Square Enix's latest game, Bravely Default. This artwork is actually very good, and softly colored using Paint Tool Sai.

    KingMelissa @ DA

    Carbuncle Charm

    We don't feature handcrafts much, but here's a rather cute charm of Carbuncle that was completely handmade! I do have to say that I really like the work put into the small details of this charm.

    Jigsawlacrimosa @ DA

    Final Fantasy Fan Art

    It looks like a party that consists of a Black Mage, a White Mage, a Thief, and a Fighter, have stolen a ship and kidnapped a chocobo are setting off to find hidden treasure in America. Poor Fighter though.

    FrauleinPolylina @ DA

    Terra Brandford / Tina Branford

    Wow! I really like the design of Terra's elegant dress! And the red hairbow is a nice touch as well!

    PuftPrin @ DA

    Don't Leave

    And here's another FFVIII fan art from PuftPrin, this time featuring the main couple of Squall and Rinoa. I really like the mood set in this peace, it's very somber and somewhat melancholic. They do make a pretty cute pairing, despite Squall being a bit of an uncaring person at times.

    star-prince @ DA

    FFX - Wakka Chibi loves blitzball

    Who loves blitzball? Wakka loves blitzball! Who loves blitzball more than Wakka? Probably Tidus, but it's just Wakka here.

    I am just... that ace!

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    Lot's of good ones . I particularly like the Carbuncle charm, and also the chibi Wakka and the Squall and Rinoa ones.

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    Chibi Wakka!! <3 That Terra pic is very elegant! :3

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    I'll never be able to look at Terra the same way from now on.

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