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Thread: Venat's, Cid's, and Vayne's Big Plan

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    Default Venat's, Cid's, and Vayne's Big Plan

    So I was reading a topic elsewhere about how some villains, by being villains, are being counterproductive. They could better achieve their ends if they were just a bit less evil.

    I was thinking of FFXII and how Vayne and the others might have been a bit nicer about what they did. Their methods were a lot nastier than their goals. There was absolutely no need to go around invading everyone or killing refugees and the Dalai Lama. Then I thought "maybe they were just trying to provoke Ashe and the other Occuria." But this is never stated anywhere and now a question occurs to me.

    Venat obviously knew where the Pharos and the Sun Cryst were. Why didn't she just fly Cid's ass over there in the beginning? It's not like the lighthouse and island were buried deep underwater or something until the Occuria chose Ashe as their champion. (although it would have made more sense if they were submerged and inaccessible until this time)

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    The issue here is that they needed Ashe to get a weapon that could destroy the Sun-Cryst for their plan since her bloodline was the same as the former Dynast-King and would probably be easier for her. So a lot of what they did was provoking her to move forward though some things I don't feel were part of the plan. Attacking Mt. Bur-Omisace was meant to retrieve Larsa and keep Ashe moving without joining the rebels. Ashe only started her journey because she was trying to find some physical evidence to show she was who she was because her uncle the Marquis faked her death. So many of Ashe's stops were Vayne or Venat's intentions, they could have probably tried to send her to the Pharos after she retrieved the Sword of Kings but she was off doing her own goals and so they had to keep thwarting her movements.

    The other thing here is that keeping Ashe moving also meant the Occurians were occupied with manipulating her as well so it kept them off their back as well.

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