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    Hi. This is an art dump of things I have not really shared; there is some old stuff and some new stuff, and hopefully there will be more stuff. Most things can be enlarged if you click on them, so you can better see what you like/dislike, and then you can tell me that.

    EoFF History Series
    A series of illustrations regarding my usernames, old to new. There is a lot of nonsense here, and no actual explanations; this is the norm, and it never gets better.

    Das Lynx

    Genius Lynx

    Chocolate Thief Locke

    Her Majesty's Agent Umaro

    By Murder I Will Be Rydia

    Garnet Eiko LAX 2009 EXTREME


    Christmas Card Designs 2011, 2012
    Every Christmas here on the forum, foa whips together a club of people who participate in the time-honored tradition of showing affection to others via mailed cards. Please note this will not fold into a proper card, but rather illustrates all for sides of one, with the top right as the front, top left the back, and the bottom two as the interior.



    The Family Tree Octopus
    You may have seen this before, but done far uglier. Since I abhorred my original piece so much, I opened up the old file and did a prettier version, which was impressive, since I had applied a lot of permanent effects and had to work a few things entirely from scratch.

    Pixel Beach Persona
    There are a lot of beaches where I live, so I wanted to try illustrating that sometime, and instead drew something with a Persona 4 influence, and made it blocky to boot.

    Cecil (Light & Dark)
    Few things are as fun as trying to capture an idea with hard lines and choppy, jarring art. I apparently carry a misconception of Cecil's Paladin form in my head from when I was a child; black orb saw it and thought I drew Lightning.

    Cecil (Light)

    Cecil (Dark)

    Rye Warholic
    Every now and then, I do a poor imitation of Andy Warhol and do variations on a simple image. Oh, and now is a good time to say I made the original desert secret; chocolate is a very rich sweet that is not for me, and I thought the old picture of Rye with two photoshopped cakes was iconic. So.

    Two things: a design for the backside of playing cards, and not Red XIII. While playing Endless's game of Mascarade, the idea of having an actual EoFF version sounded fun, and I hashed out a hasty concept. This other drawing is not Red XIII, no matter what you are thinking.

    EoFF Mascarade Card

    Not Red XIII

    Homestuck: Vriska Serket
    I started reading Homestuck in January and caught up to the Giga-Pause last week. The character I found myself liking the most was John. This is Vriska.

    Final Fantasy VII Crew
    Calliope recently started playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time, and it made me nostalgic enough to draw Cloud. And then I drew Barret. And then Aeris. And then you get the idea.

    LuvLuv 13th Season
    This forum is, like, thirteen years old, and we have an incredibly fun history. One slice of it is the LuvLuv art, where various members have depicted other EoFFers in snuggly gay love with one another. It is cute, it is silly, and it is in good fun, all of which I heartily approve.

    I thank you for looking, and as the Romans always say: geijutsu wa bakuhatsu da.
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    The octopus family tree is one big picture of awesomeness. I dig!

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    Thank you! I had a lot of fun working out the coloring of the tentacles to vary between branches of the family and different generations, and I think it worked out fairly well.

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