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    Grey Edwards

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    Since this is a general discussion forum I thought i could ask this. Is there a file on you computer that prevents you from connecting and downloading as fast as you could. I've heard about it but was wondering if this is true. Is there a way you can get rid of this?

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    A specific file? Actually, I think that depends on what sort of internet connection you have.

    I think for Cable/DSL users in America, hte file is thw Windows registry itself along with a few other files (don't know what they are), there's certain settings in there which stop you downloading/uploading as fast as you want - this is called a "software cap" as it's the software limiting your internet connection. I know some American ISPs use that because a) it stops themselves being overloaded with vast amounts of data transfer, and b) it means peoiple can pirate less stuff if they can only transfer less data.

    Apparently you can get cracks though that can uncap this limit and take it to the hardware's absolute maximum instead, but I wouldn't recommend using them because your ISP will notice your huge increase in data transfer and will probably cut you off.

    I don't know if this applies to Cable/DSL users in other countries, but it might do.

    If you're a 56k modem user, then your speed is usually limited the the hardware itself (either conditions of the line you're using or the maximum speed supported by the ISP itself) so it's more likely something other than yourself limiting your speed.

    If you;re connected over a LAN, then unless the server/router/hub you connect through keeps a track of how much data you transfer, then I don't think there's a software limilt, only the hardware limit (usually the max. speed of the network itself).

    Anyway, I reckon this sort of question is more suited to the Help Forum rather than General Chat. *moves*
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    Humm, I would like to modify this file, Id boots my speed a little bit but not too much to prevent them from finding me

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    I know how to do it, but it only works with cables and I don't see much difference. However, that's just one way of the many.

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