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Thread: EOFF Chocobo Mayhem: The Search for Blue Sperm

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    Default Ginger's Extrapolations

    Witness, I u will, an abuse survivor, manipulated by the winds of fate. Oh tempest, must you corrupt the divine? God hath spoken, and be is displeased with ye. We have too little independent choices left today

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    Default Jim's return

    I'm. Not even going to TRY to stop u

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    Default Ginger and VTG'$ Response l

    (in perfect unison) Good!

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    [QUOTE=Vincent, Thunder God;3719372](main subplot, whatever's happening with ginger at the bar etc, but main story seems to be jim trying to uncover corruption - but actually he has no real knowledge - he's trying to stay alive in the town, or at least just hang out at the motel and get enough food/beer to last whatever)

    Jim's Tale/Ginger's Revenge

    Part 1:Jim

    Jim walked into like the town square and thought on his night after whatever had happened at the dance hall. Realizing he needed another drink, he headed to the bar, ordered a whiskney neat. In those days, daytime drinking was the norm. Furthermore -

    Ginger was absent because it wasn't her day, and the bar was kind of empty, except for like a janitor in the corner sweepingd up some dust and stuff from the previous day. Jim looked over, said hello. Janitor looked up with a big smile on his face.

    "Hey young lad! Good to see you here again! I am glad that you are doing well enough to at least spend time in herre routinely."

    Jim thought on this a moment. Once again it felt like one of those situations where people seemed to imply something they had no real way of knowing, and indeed maybe a scenario that had not only never happened -

    But in those days, reflected Jim - no hospitals to speak of.

    In any case.


    Meanwhile, part 1 of Ginger's tale, we will return to Jim's story very soon!

    Ginger in her apartment prepared for the following day's shift. Being smart, she didn't get to dirnking herself like some of the other dancers. but she knew that A. With this strange newcomer, things were getting dangerous in town - even though there was NO REAL REASON OR EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS and so nevertheless FEELING DANGER for ANOTHER REASON! OR just SOME REASON THAT WAS EQUALLY VALID she got out of the apartment immediately and decided to walk around town to "scope" out the "situation"

    Ginger, realizing that the previous scene was irrelevant to HER own personal story, decided to revise it and start again.

    She went to the dance hall - where else was there to go here anyway? But then figured, hey, day off, could go to like the fields and take a stroll around, maybe shoot the trout with somer of the other locals.

    She decided she was going to play it SMT style - but from within the limited paradigm of an oldtimey western movie.

    She realized she needed to see Jim right wway

    Jim was still at the bar drinking endlessly. The janitor, for some reason the only other person originally there, had disappeared. being drunk as he was, he didn't at first notice Ginger approaching.

    "Jim I think this story is really important to somebody but I don't think to VTG."

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    [QUOTE=Vincent, Thunder God;3719350]Scene 2.

    Jim awoke and decided he was going to have to get ready for work right away, hearing as he did Herschel downstairs clattering away at the dishes.

    Lynd, his wife really, looked over and asked, probably way too politely for todays' world but what they hey: "Pop, seems like the new farmhand's comin down the stairs already."

    Jim came down the stairs carefully. For one thing, he didn't want to scare the homesteaders, and for another, he was really uncertain not only of his role here, but why he had been set up in the first place - and clearly Herschel and Lynd were also already completely aware.

    As such, Jim came down carefully, and sat down at the table.

    Herschel had prepared an entire plate of waffles, ready to go.

    Lynd, who wasn't much of a cook. went back to her knitting, but gazing on fondly, if absently.

    Herschel looked over at Lynd. "Hon, if we're going to be helping the young lad to his first meal here, don't you think you should help?"

    But Lynd was having none of it. "Still don't trust him Hersch. so don't even try!"

    Jim. oblivious, continued eating.

    Meanwhile, Susie, in a seperate building, as Herschel and Lynd were both concerned about this newcomer, thought on the previous day.

    *this is a scene perhaps for later*

    Susie lay in bed all night thinking of how qwesom Jim had seemed in the that moment. The vulnerability alone( actress interpretation9

    The real Susie seemingly was niave but in fact she was extremely smart and wise, like a Dostoevsky or Tolstoy character.

    Over time in this story you will come to realize that status is irrelevant to maturity and indeed intelligence.everyone all over the world has something unique to contribute.

    John thought on this as well. (ORIGINAL SCENE?)re was yet another evil farmhand, and he was taking over the farm. "For goshdarn sakes" he thought. "I'm fed up with this world!"

    John began scoping out the entire property, ensuring everything seemed to be normal. "Well's fine" he said cheerily. "Lawn needs some maintenance, but it's ok." (this scene is essentially endless)

    "Yep, back porch is fine. I'm happy with how things look. Things seem ok


    (John is interesting character in that actually not all jealous, even unconcerned about why is Jim here conspiracy theory, just doesn't like him

    John worked hard all day at the farm making small repairs and helping some others milking the cows. At the day's end he sat and began to play his guitar

    Even though he didn't get along super well with Jim took out a banjo and they had a good jsm session.
    .over time lynd and pop berdbel became more accepting.

    But again! The threat of the evil sherrir who seemingly set him up insone unknown way/self-sarcasm

    Next ep: again continuing the "in the run" subplot without revising old scenes
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    Jim in the new town thought back on how for many years he's been groomed towards fear of police involvement everywhere but how now in the last town with the Herschels had been manipulated into acting like the same.

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    [QUOTE=Vincent, Thunnnder God;3719452]Jim in the new town thought back on how for many years he's been groomed towards fear of police involvement everywhere but how now in the last town with the Herschels had been manipulated into acting like the same.[/QUOTbut knowing that he and VTG were past it there was no longer any problem.

    The ginger subplot has a lot of potential but would probably be better off in someone else's hands.ndnns

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    u ok vinnie
    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    Quin is wrong and LALA is right.

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    Default U ok vinnie

    The story continues with Vinny visiting the town. There he establishes fraud in a local hospital. Tbc

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    Default Ginger in the local hospital

    Freya peered around having ended up in the ward wrlp time to "make" psych

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