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Thread: Character Creation / Character Listing

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    I don't see any problem with you joining where you want to. I mean, I started closer to Lake Arna but moved west in later posts. We just want to make sure you eventually have people to interact with. :3

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    NAME: Lyra Heathwood
    RACE: Human
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 31
    JOB/ROLE: One of four Queensguard unit leaders
    SKILLS/ABILITIES. A highly skilled swordsman and archer who has very quick reflexes and makes very precise strike with both sword and bow. She makes up for her lack of strength by being very agile.
    WEAPON(S): Proficient in a variety of swords, daggers and bows of different length but she usually carries a standard Queensguard short sword on her waist, short bow on her back and a buckler on her left wrist.
    APPEARANCE. 6'2", tanned skin with a slick but athletically built body. She bares several scars over her body including one on her right cheek. She has short Brown hair and Brown eyes. She wears a modified version of the gold and blue Queensguard armour. Gold platted armour with a Blue trim cover her left arm, shoulder and the left side of her chest. A gold platted vambrace covers her right wrist and gold platted greaves covers her lower legs. the rest of her is covered by blue dyed leather and cotton.
    PERSONALITY: stern and to the point when it comes to her duties. She strives for excellence in everything she does and expects the same from other. She is very protective of the soldiers in her unit, even if they don't reach her standards. In the presence of Commander Galrad, she becomes very giddy and girly.
    BACKGROUND: Lyra grew up on a her fathers pirate ship were she was expected to do a fair share of the work from a young age. She was initially taught how to use a bow as her father didn't want her too close to the combat but at a point after her 8th birthday, they were bordered and Lyra was nearly killed. It was at this point that they began to teach her how to use short swords and daggers. Three years later, her father was killed and their ship was sunk of the coast of Naithe. At the age of 17, she found herself at Lucrecia committing petty crimes. After weeks of eluding the soldiers she was eventually engaged and captured by Galrad. Impressed with her skill, Galrad convinced the Commander to allow her to become a soldier. Grateful for being given a purpose and a second chance, she strives to become a great soldier and has admired Galrad ever since.

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