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Thread: Story footnotes for easy reference

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    Default A most humongous update - Part Two

    Time for Part Two! This is the entirety of Page Five of the Official Story. In case you're wondering, this does quite some time.

    Page Five is mostly a back and forth between Tala and Cohen's intertwining storylines, which makes for some interesting reading.

    Having met three highly unusual people in Lucrecia, Cohen remarks on what a curious world he is in.
    Exhausted by the day, Cohen looks for somewhere to rest, helped along by Tala the Ursus.

    Distressed, Kathvi lies in her room in the inn, scared and threatened by today's events.
    Jahred re-enters the room, and asks her what she remembers of her home, the people she remembers, and so on.
    Concentrating hard, Kathvi remembers others like her, alongside humans in the mountains, and that there were lizard-like beings in the desert.
    Kathvi's mind strains, as if attempting to reject her own memories.
    She further remembers baking bread in an oven, the heat making her uncomfortable. She then trips, but cannot remember further.
    Sensing her growing panic and discomfort, Jahred decides to give Kathvi some air, hoping that he will not regret that decision.

    Tala is gathering her thoughts about what just happened, and how this may relate to the warnings the Stars gave.
    Cohen asks Tala for somewhere to rest. While Tala is not familiar with Lucrecia, she is aware of The Quiet Lobster, and offers to take Cohen there.
    On the way there, Tala cannot help but find Cohen's fascination with his surroundings peculiar.
    They reach the Quiet Lobster, where she hopes to continue their conversation.

    Despite arriving at their destination, Cohen is immediately drawn to the smell of human delicacies, and seeks to find the source. Tala, exasperated, relents.
    The source of the smells is a seedy looking inn: The Cornerstone Inn. Entering, Cohen notices a lack of people, and that the man behind the bar seemed unapproachable.
    Still uncomfortable because of the possibility of breaking a Order rule, Cohen begins talking with Tala about what an Aelum is.

    Following Cohen into the Cornerstone Inn, Tala cannot think of how demanding this peculiar human is.
    Cohen, scared to order food at the bar, instead asks Tala just exactly who she is.
    Forlorn at how ignorant Cohen is about the Ursus and the Aelum, she informs Cohen that she is a High Priestess among her people, and asks who Cohen is in turn.

    Cohen is thrilled to meet a High Priestess, of the same profession as himself. Tala's vocation reminds him of University; invoking pangs of homesickness.
    Noticing the darkening clouds, Cohen realises that he has no bed for the night, and that he is still starving.
    Cohen dismisses these practical concerns, thinking that this strange place is an opportunity to discover a new world.
    Knowing that Tala is a High Priestess, Cohen asks if she has a meditation hall so he could speak to the Gods for guidance.


    Derk listens to Gerhard discuss the Queen's Festival's effect on his customers, agreeing with Gerhard's view on humans.
    Sensing three humans wander in, he observes quietly while Gerhard 'deals with' the three humans.
    Enjoying the excitement, Derk gives Gerhard a small golden nugget for the stool, the entertainment and for another round of ale.
    A large Ursus and a strange looking human enters the Inn. Derk sighs, hoping they don't cause trouble.

    Xilkar listens to the small creature's responses to his questions, and stands straighter while the human asks some of it's own.
    He tells the human that he is a Loquan, and that he never has never heard of humans before.
    Knowing that he is not in his own world, Xilkar explains what his surfacing knife is for, before diving back into this foreign ocean, espying the little human on the shore.

    Hearing Cohen out, Tala surprisingly feel pity for him, sensing he is quite conflicted.
    Tala hears Cohen's request to speak with the Gods. Not knowing which Gods Cohen believes in, Tala nonetheless points to the Stars for the guidance he seeks.
    Cohen doesn't seem to understand, and looked expectant and forlorn. Tala explains further, stating that she herself does not know all the answers, and that they could find these answers together.

    Curious to learn that Tala prays to the Stars, Cohen quickly remembers that without a meditation hall, he would be unable to pray himself.
    Cohen is crestfallen that Tala could not give him the answers he seeks, but is pleased to have a companion.
    Finally succumbing to the pangs of hunger, Cohen inquires to Tala whether his home currency would be accepted here.

    Tala is surprised at the level of emotion that is being exhibited from the human, identifying both sadness and curiosity in his voice.
    Cohen tells Tala that he is happy to stay with her for awhile; Tala cannot help but think her role as a babysitter in this situation. She tells herself that this must have been what the Stars has ordained.
    Cohen asks her if his purse of gold is accepted currency here: letting out a growling laughter, Tala tells her it is accepted everywhere.

    Cohen, smiling, asks Tala if she wants anything to have as well.

    Tala is surprised that she is warming up to this human.
    Flashing her pointed teeth, she tells Cohen to fetch her the rarest slab of meat he can get.

    Cohen approaches the bar, incredibly nervous against the glare of the barkeep.
    His voice trembling, Cohen asks for whatever stew is cooking, and for the rarest steak they have.

    Loony BoB
    Getting some air, Jahred and Kathvi head to King's Square, and Jahred is relieved that no-one pays her any heed; she is just another performer.
    Suddenly, trumpets start blaring, pronouncing the official beginning of the Queen's Festival.
    Human, Akim and Doban alike clinked glasses, a rare sight outside of Lake Arna.
    As the festivities become more rapturous, dancers, fireworks and Doban Bonfire Wagons flooded King's Square. On the far side of the square, Doban travellers tell enamoured kids all about their scary adventures.
    Jahred realises that the Queen's blessing of the city will be beginning shortly. Meanwhile, Kathvi is pestered by several children to dance to the beat of the band.

    Lonely Paper Star
    Camille and Stissi, her Chocobo, could hear distressing Chocobo cries in the far distance along with sounds of struggle, and Stissi moved with great haste toward the source of the noise.
    About half an hour passed before another sound, this time a heated conversation between three men. Stissi was ready to interrupt, despite Camille's pleading to stay still, away from danger.
    Not listening to her owner, Stissi warked loudly and crashed on through into what appeared to be someone's camp.
    Camille immediately noticed her two Chocobos, Koko and Bristles, clearly worse for wear. Her heart sank at this sight, but not before realising the dangerous situation she has gotten herself into.
    Before her were three shady looking people: a Doban, and two humans across from him; one of the humans tell her to shove off, frightening her.
    However, seizing the moment, Camille decides to take advantage of this ailing situation. In a bold manner, Camille enters herself into the business 'meeting', stating that Koko and Bristles are hers.
    One of the humans recognises her as the girl who won the Queen's race. Steering the conversation back on hand, Camille demands reparation for the abuse suffered upon her two Chocobos.

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    Thanks for doing such a good job of the notes Formalhaut.

    My future is fuelled by the fires of words, wit and companionship.

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    I promise, I'll actually get to writing Locke's storyline again once I've got through Page Six of the footnotes. Once I've caught up, I can get to a regular schedule with the footnoting.

    On that matter, I'll do Page Six tomorrow. It's like 3:00am in the morning here now. I think I'd die doing it right now.

    Stay tuned!

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    Now it's time to do all of Page Six, and by doing so, I'll be all caught up with the Footnoting!

    Again, I apologise for the delay in the first place. Let's begin!

    Critical to the majority of the events on the sixth page revolve around Kathvi and the public demonstration of her ice magic, an event with implications for several character's story arcs. Desmond makes a welcome return, his last chapter being way back in page three, and Azelin receives several new chapters.

    Having reached The Ceiling Cat, Azelin spots a large group of humans and Dobans being merry outside.
    Walking into the tavern, the smells, atmosphere and drunkards made him nauseous and uncomfortable - an old Doban stares at him.
    A drunk man questions his age to drink; Azelin brushes him off, yet is aware that at least in his home world, he is under the age.
    Stating that he has to find someone, Azelin backs away from the drunk man - just then, the old Doban from earlier says that he has found him.

    The old Doban tells Azelin that he just wants to talk, and takes Azelin outside - the assassin gripping onto his blade, just in case.
    In King's Square, the Doban introduces himself as Dirus. He tells Azelin that he has never been here before. The comment puts Azelin on guard.
    Azelin covers, stating that he has never been to the continent before, which surprises Dirus. Azelin asks Dirus what he wants, to which Dirus replies he is simply curious.
    Azelin pressures Dirus to assist him in finding other foreigners to the continent.

    Blackie Ganister is irritated by the arrival of Veritas, complicating matters.
    The humans (Shoopuf and Weasel) tell Veritas that she should be paying them for finding her Chocobos, not the other way around. Veritas rebukes them, and Blackie senses high emotions from her and her Chocobo.
    Blackie interrupts the tense 'negotiations' with a loud roar - Shoopuf and Weasel instantly draw their weapons.
    Blackie reminds Shoopuf and Weasel that it is still two against one, unless they are willing to re-enter a deal.
    Acknowledging that both Veritas and the two men both claim money from the other, he suggests that their debts cancel each other.
    Shoopuf correctly points out that Blackie gets nothing from this. Blackie counters, stating that he doesn't want to deal with the paperwork; or the aftermath of a fight.
    Sensing that the deal needs sweetening, the Doban offers the two men a flask of Xanderdraught, and Veritas some greens.

    Citizen Bleys
    After killing the bandit lad, Desmond hid in the woods for three days. He finds it easier to hunt since the incident - he rationalises this to be his 'hunting instincts' reawakened.
    Approaching a distant city while carrying several caught hares, he activates his jigger to to ease the guard's suspicions with the power of boredom. He walks in with ease.
    Asking a guard for the name of this city, Desmond learns he is in Lucrecia, and begins walking the streets for inns, tanneries and butchers.
    With a hundred tabs of Brilliance, Desmond pops a tab, unsure where he would get more.

    Bravely Proto
    It has been a week since Radley and his crew set sail into The Deeps, and it has been a tough journey.
    Sighting land, several crew mates ask Radley what their orders are once they reach land.
    Radley informs them all that once they set foot on the soil, the First Mate will become captain of the ship, and that Radley will be exploring the land on his own in search of treasure.
    Understanding the orders, the crew salutes their captain.

    Loony BoB
    Damon, a guard in the city of Lucrecia, keeps watch. He is on high alert, as is customary when the Royal Family will be on show.
    Worse, Damon have heard rumours of unusual characters around Lucrecia - including a person who looked like a fox.
    Currently, his watch is on King's Square. It is a quiet watch, only slight scuffles to break up now and then.
    Just then, he notices the Fox Lady from before. Thinking her 'features' to be too natural to be a costume, he approaches her and asks her to remove her mask. Just then, he reels backward in surprise, placing his hand on the hilt of his sword.

    Feeling incredibly threatened by the guard, Kathvi resists the urge to protect herself, given her naturally kind personality. However, she lets out an instinctive small growl.
    The guard takes this as the opportunity to draw his sword out, telling her to come with him to answer questions.
    Kathvi's baser instincts are driven out. Placing her hands around the sword, she freezes the metal, rendering the sword useless.
    The guard, visibly frightened and frustrated, can only watch on as the edge of his sword breaks off. Kathvi drops the frozen chunk of steel.
    The guard withdraws to get more backup. Kathvi is left to think about what has just happened - she has now exposed herself, and is unsure as to how Jahred will react to this.

    Loony BoB
    Jahred, like the other onlookers, is simply astounded at the immediate events.
    The crowd flees, leaving just Jahred, Kathvi and the oblivious band left in the Square.
    Coming back to his senses, he tells Kathvi that whatever she did was certainly not normal in Lucrecia, or in all of Sedorra. Knowing that they had to leave, the left through the gates, people making way for them, still in shock.
    Entering a rowdy bar, he asks for two ales, looking back worryingly at the door.

    Citizen Bleys
    Having just witnessed the events in King's Square, Desmond stalks the pair who caused the scenes.
    The scenes appeared to have resonated with Desmond, and realises that he is developing a hunter's itch in his fingertips, causing a sharp pain.
    Desmond dismisses this and resumes focus on the two, entering the bar they have just entered.
    A barmaid worryingly tells Desmond that he is bleeding. In shock, he looks at his fingertips, and is just able to make out small, yet unmistakable claws. Instinctively, he retracts them.
    Desmond ponders why they are forming, and can only surmise that the surgery performed on him as an infant does not work in this world.
    Laughing heartily at his newly unlocked primal instincts, Desmond believes he is able to embrace both sides of his heritage here, and is no longer held back by old societal bonds.

    Azelin and his Doban companion, Dirus, are also present in King's Square, and notice an Akim and an unknown being, confronted by a guard.
    They witness the unknown, fox-eared being, grabbing the guard's sword, and turning it to ice. Dirus is taken aback, but Azelin recognises the feat as ice magic.
    Azelin knows that magic is present in his continent, but he cannot recognise what species the ice wielder is from.
    Azelin informs Dirus of all of this, including that whoever it is, the fox-eared being is a powerful wielder of this magic.
    They both decide to follow the Akim and the magic wielder, but spots a human who is also following the pair.
    Azelin is perceptive, and can tell that this human has malicious intent towards the two. Thinking fast, Azelin and Dirus make haste toward the pair as well.

    Loony BoB
    Damon is back at the Barracks, and in his anger and disbelief, throws what is left of his sword on the floor.
    His Commander, Galrad, enters, bluntly asking what the noise is all about.
    Damon, still in shock, informs him that a strange woman, foreign to Sedorra, froze his sword and snapped it in two. Knowing that Damon is a well respected, loyal soldier, Commander Galrad immediately instructs him to apprehend this woman.
    As Damon leaves, Commander Galrad roared for the Queen to be safely escorted back to the palace.

    Citizen Bleys
    Wiping the blood on a napkin, Desmond attempts to push his claws out further, but do not grow larger. Recounting the teachings of Drak'Sivar, Desmond knows that they will eventually reach an octoyar (16cm) in length.
    Popping another tab of Brilliance, he notices his reflection in a mirror, and is happy to see that his appearance is changing in dramatic ways - his beard growing, and his hair developing an orange colouring, to name but a few.
    Most strikingly, he notices his fangs are becoming very large.
    Approaching the table where the pair from King's Square are seated, Desmond sits down next to them, unannounced.
    Introducing himself as Desmond Redclaw, he tells the pair that he hails from another world, just like the fox-eared lady, and that they should stick together to remain safe.

    Dirus asks if magic is a gift from the gods to Azelin, while they bob and weave through the crowds.
    Azelin replies that there is only one god, whose name is Aeon and that it brings only death. Continuing, he also informs Dirus that magic is a fundamental force, which contradicts and is opposed to all other fundamental forces.
    In Azelin's world, he goes on, many beings are able to utilise magic at various levels, but that many are not. Dirus is confused, and Azelin is in no mood to give him a science lesson.
    Asking one last question, Dirus wants to know if Azelin can wield magic. Pondering whether to tell Dirus about himself, in fear of giving away information about himself.
    Azelin eventually informs Dirus that he can wield time magic - the ability to hasten or slow time for himself or others. However, he is not skilled at this, something which created much ridicule.
    While the Doban has more questions for Azelin, he cuts him off for now, and tells him the plan: they will observe the ice wielder, while also keeping an eye of the unusual human who was stalking her.

    Sigrid eyed this strange blue creature, and, ever curious, wanted to learn more about him.
    Observing that the creature submerged himself, save the eyes, Sigrid stared in contemplation, trying to work out what sort of creature he was.
    Because of this focus, Sigrid doesn't notice a wave approaching the shore, and the strong tide pulled her under. Fighting against the waves, her vision begins to turn a dull black.

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    Now it's time for another round of footnotes!

    Not as many notes in this one, only three, but they are good ones! Gerhard brings a new perspective on the tavern scene, Luke has his debut chapter in these footnotes, and Locke returns for the first time since the fourth page.

    Gerhard comments on how nonplussed his regular patrons are to the latest altercation - they were simply used to it.
    Derk comments that Gerhard should have done even more than a thrown chair, but gives him some gold for the entertainment (and another ale).
    Just then, an odd pairing of an Ursus and a human walks in. Gerhard observes the unusual pair, but allows them to stay.
    He observes as the human rather awkwardly orders some food, using some highly interesting coins. Gerhard notes that they are genuine, and could sell to collectors for a tidy profit.

    Luke, riding on his great bird, is in pursuit of a person who had betrayed him.
    Raising his staff to command lightning, he strikes his target and the steed she was riding on, killing them both.
    But this was but a dream. Luke may very well have strong powers in his world, but even with his faerlstone staff, he could never call lightning down from the sky like in his dream.
    Suddenly, the storm turns on him, striking him and making him fall. Rather than seeing clouds and the vista of the Crescent Isle, instead he falls through a dark, gray void.
    He awakes as he crashes through the canopy of a forest, dropping harshly on the ground. He struggles to remember about what exactly happened.
    Clearly injured, he hobbles towards a small fishing village seeking an inn.

    Locke and Ziad continue to play darts and share adventuring stories as the hours tick by, almost forgetting about the festival.
    Two festival goers enter the inn, looking for a room. They converse about the strange scenes they saw - an unusual fox looking lady with magical ice powers.
    Locke overhears the two, and inquires further into what they saw.
    Ziad listens in on this, and the two discuss the possible origins of this creature.
    The events make Ziad remember a story from his youth, told by Akim elders. Locke presses for Ziad to tell all, and Ziad tells him to sit down.

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