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Thread: I love this game

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    Default I love this game

    I love the religious and spiritual feeling you get ^^
    I love the battle system and that you can shift attacks. How about you?

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    While I don't like the constant use of the word "God" in Final Fantasy XIII religious as I am and am no fan of plotholes, I love the characters, story and world so I am like you about this.

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    Awesome. I just think the main character is so cool in this game. Feel all the awe about it and just really gives a touch of something great with it.

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    I had very mixed feelings about the game initially, especially the bizarre plot, but the gameplay grew on me once it opened up a little bit. I ended up enjoying it so much that I immediately played a NG+ after beating it the first time, which is extremely rare for me to do. So on a pure enjoyment level, I think I liked this entry better than its predecessors, even though I think I'd lean toward XIII-2 as the actual best in the series. I loved the fluidity of battles, and if future FFs could refine and expand this, I think it would be a great system.

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    I don't think it's a bad game at all, it's very enjoyable and I think it had some concepts that were really unique and fun for an FF game. Certainly the best of the XIII trilogy. Sadly I think a lot of people will pass it over because it's another XIII game.

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    Yeah, its a shame just because of the previous games. I bet if this was new then that would've been different
    So far this is really good!

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    i really would have liked to hear the op's opinions upon finishing the story

    cause well
    if you've played it you know what happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by krissy View Post
    i really would have liked to hear the op's opinions upon finishing the story

    cause well
    if you've played it you know what happens
    Yea. The ending was interesting and it certainly put Lightning in a new light.
    Overall I really liked LR. The story was nothing new or original, but it fit.
    The characters were and still are well remembered by me.
    The combat system was great too. There are a few difficult fights in LR as well.
    I have played it through a few times. Might go through it again.
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    I really love this game too. For me, it's the best of the trilogy and I really enjoy re-playing it!

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