Dear members of EoFF,

Are you a hard-graft-no-nonsense-working-worker? Does your job require sweat, blood and tears and anything else that comes out?
Or are you slaving over the paper, scribbling, typing and occasionally being examined for how good you are at this but don't sweat it the rest of your life depends on it? Where do you want to go? TRY HARD AND YOU NEVER FAIL.

Are you where you want to be, or are you still on your way to getting there?

This is my 9th year here on this here website experience and when I joined as an innocent 13 year old, my life goals and plans were dramatically different to where I am now, where I plan to go, and pretty much every aspect of my entire life as a whole.
Say, 10 years ago did you see yourself where you are now? Have you always had the same goals/plans in life? Or have they changed?

It's weird because a lot of members who are STINKY OLD TIMERS here now, when I joined were basically at the end of their education or just about to head into university etc. Now you're all in your lateish 20's how have your goals in life planned out so far? Maybe you changed your mind about your goals but it was much much for the better?

And finally, here we have, which I feel, is the most possibly relevant video to this thread I could possibly include here.

Alive-Man says look for the bear/bare necessities xxxxxx