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"Sympathetic villains are usually boring. The
best villains by far are always pure evil
bastards, corrupt to the very core.
Sadistic and brutal, yet intelligent and
manipulative. They commit horrible acts,
for nothing but their own amusement.
I don't talk about the emos who just
want the world to end, but the truly
evil beings whose greatest pleasure
is kicking others into utter misery!
Ah yes, true villains should be ruthless,
hateful and cruel! Using any means
to achieve their twisted goals and
trample on those who stand in their way."

"You forgot to mention 'egocentric'."
"Ah, yes! That's another trait
that the best villains have."
No, Zenos sucks.

Is that the fabled Bernkastel? I remember the great battle in which we fought. You may have won back then, but you won't win now!