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Thread: So who else tinkered around with RPG Maker?

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    I was like 14. I said that I spent a lot of time with it, not that I was any good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotic View Post
    Yeah, once or twice. I made an EoFF game out of it once, you can probably find it in the General Archive if you care to.
    And it was an absolutely glorious game!

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    PlayStation version, I made a 5-minute experience after devoting myself to it for two weeks. I was trying to re-enact a story I had written and had customized a few characters to my liking, but I had to compromise a lot because a lot of the pre-rendered backdrops had pre-programmed places where you couldn't move to or from (WTF were they thinking? it's supposed to my RPG). I couldn't do trout with the animation maker. I later picked up the PlayStation2 version. There was even less customization available for this game so needless to say it sucked and I immediately returned it.
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    I spent many hours on RPG Maker 3 for the PS2 trying to make that perfect RPG. Never did, but I still had a lot of fun with all the editing tools. Back when I used to video tape my games and make movies, I'd made cut-scenes from RPG Maker 3 and mixed it with BattleTanx Global Assault gameplay. That was a lot of fun.

    Looking back though, I wish I had RPG Maker for the PC. It wouldn't have been as tedious typing on a keyboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotic View Post
    Yeah, once or twice. I made an EoFF game out of it once, you can probably find it in the General Archive if you care to.
    This guy is not kidding.

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    We should all form a team to work on Death of a Fansite II!
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