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Thread: EoFF Speaks! Favourite Final Fantasy Characters!

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    Default EoFF Speaks! Favourite Final Fantasy Characters!

    Roll up! Roll up! This is the second edition of EoFF Speaks! the feature which allows you to have your thoughts and opinions on all things Final Fantasy published to the frontsite without having to even write an article! This time I asked you lovely members to share your thoughts on your favourite Final Fantasy characters... Let's see what we have this time around!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lockharted
    My favourite Final Fantasy character was a really hard one to pick, out of so many characters that are different and loveable in their own ways, I eventually settled on Final Fantasy VII’s Red XIII (Nanaki). Despite taking my username from Tifa Lockhart, and having a huge love for Seifer and Rinoa of Final Fantasy VIII, I had to give the prize to Red XIII.

    I think I just loved so much that this…. Dog, lion… creature was a character, and such a wise one at that too. I love his design and I always found him to be useful in battles – he was a permanent fixture of my party. Not to mention that the Cosmo Canyon chapter of the game was so well done, and that little scene with Nanaki and Seto breaks my heart everytime.

    I think having an animal character really played to the 'fantasy' aspect of the games, and I love that Red could talk and had such a good attitude, and was at times really funny. I would love to see more characters like Red in future titles. I know that Final Fantasy XIII-2 had Mog, and there have been other 'cute' creature characters since, but Red XIII had such a badass look - I'd love to see it return!

    Quote Originally Posted by maybee
    I really believe that the best Final Fantasy character that Square has ever created is Zidane Tribal. Zidane was created to be an entirely hollow, human-weapon and a slave of a Garland - a dog basically.20091205160515!Dissidia_Zidane.png

    However due to older brother jealously, Zidane was spared and managed to escape from a life of hollow imprisonment. He was given an adoptive family home; a warm house, a more friendly environment- things he never would of experienced if Kuja didn't catch the green envy bug.

    Zidane starts out as a playboy, cocky, flirt- selfish and overconfident. Due to Kuja's narcissistic behaviour and his desire to bring havoc on the world; Zidane begins to become one of the most sympathetic, selfless, and solicitous characters within Final Fantasy. Eventually Zidane learns that you don't need a reason to help people- you just do it; because people need help in some way, whether if it's struggling about understanding life in general, or suffering from family loss or depression.

    Zidane is an example of what we need more in this world, somebody who helps and who gives a damn about other people, someone who helps them when they are struggling or just need a helping hand or a push in the right direction.
    I have to admit that I'm not as familiar with the story of Final Fantasy IX as I am with other Final Fantasy games. I do know that it has some really popular characters though, and I was surprised to see Zidane over the universally adored Vivi! I did enjoy Zidane's wit when I played this game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Angus
    He's been viewed as a rogue, a thief, a scoundrel. As Captain of the Strahl, Balthier (nee Ffamran mied Bunansa) has garnered quite a reputation. Along with his partner Fran, he seems to soar the skies in search of treasure. But what he (and in a sense Fran herself) truly seek, is an escape from their pasts.

    What makes Balthier great is not only his charm, class and wits, but the depth he has in character. Balthier as a young judge in the Arcadian court had watched his father descend into madness, not too unsimilar as to one who may watch an aging loved one enter dementia. Not being able to cope with losing his father in this manner, he set out for his "freedom" in the skies, away from the madness that that gripped his father and the culture that enables it.

    Balthier carries himself with great dignity. He, keeping with appearances, tries to keep face as a cad. After all, he is a Sky Pirate. But deep down he's a gentleman, he not only empathizes, but truly cares about the world around him. As his father falls, he is not able to help him. But Balthier won't see the world fall with him.
    Mmmm Balthier. The stand out feature of Final Fantasy XII for me. He's the Ryan Gosling of Final Fantasy... Pure pixalated pleasure. A gentleman, but you can just tell he's not always a gentleman . I mean, what were we talking about? oh yeah favourite characters. Yes, erm Balthier is cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by Karifean
    We are introFinal-Fantasy-X-FFX-HD-Wallpaper-set12-Bevelle-13-RIKKU-PORTRAIT.jpgduced to Rikku very early in the game. Unlike the other Al Bhed she travels with, she comes to trust Tidus immediately. Unfortunately, soon thereafter, Tidus is separated from her and it will be a while before we see her again.

    Tidus’ journey through Spira starts now and at many points do we notice that the Al Bhed are spoken ill of by the people here. And yet, every time we have to think back to Rikku, who was so kind and helpful when we first came to Spira.

    Eventually, we reunite with Rikku and she joins our quest. Now we witness first-hand the discrimination she has to put up with. When Wakka finds out about her heritage, he throws a fit, immediately losing the good image of Rikku he had, and instead calling her heathen and traitor. The priest at Macalania initially refuses to let her inside despite her being a guardian. Yet, almost all the time, Rikku keeps a smile on her face.

    When we come to Bikanel and find that her home is under siege is when Rikku’s upbeat act falls apart completely. She cannot keep her smile, and when the Al Bhed decide to blow up their own home, visibly shaken by this, even Wakka attempts to comfort Rikku.

    At the same point in time, Rikku is the one to tell Tidus what fate awaits Yuna at the end of the pilgrimage. It gives Tidus the resolve to change the outcome, to break through the cycle of death. She is his ally throughout his struggle. And so I’ve come to like Rikku a lot. Her typically carefree demeanor coupled with her serious scenes when plot calls for them makes a great mix.
    I have to agree with Karifean. Rikku is mature beyond her years yet still has this wonderful child-like innocence. Such a beautiful combination of traits. I loved her optimism and little catchphrases... "Ya big meanie!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Shauna
    My favourite character would have to be Yuna. I don’t particularly relate to her or her plight, but gosh darn do I admire her for everything she puts herself through. Final Fantasy X was my first, and although I have played almost all of them since then, I have not come across a character I like better.

    I feel that she has a lot of inner strength as a character, and is not outwardly… braggy about it, I guess you could say. She is self-sacrificing, I mean you’d have to be to decide to walk down a path that ends in your own death, but not naïvely so, as when a potential out cropped up she was willing to give it a shot. She must have some strong will on her too, since she has signed her life away and can deal with Tidus seemingly making light of her inevitable death, and still have that sad little smile on her face at all times. It’s her strength of character, and the fact that she does evolve over time that I like best.

    Moving on to X-2… A lot of people think that her change in character between X and X-2 is random and doesn’t make any sense. I would have to disagree with this – it’s been two years, she suddenly has a new lease on life in the most literal way. She thought she was going to die, and now she’s not – so she’s having fun instead. Well, trying to at least, when the world isn’t crumbling around her.

    Yuna is not one of the characters of the series that stands out to me, but yes, I agree with Shauna on her analysis. Yuna is a pretty tough cookie indeed. She is the heart and soul of Final Fantasy X. I also wish that I could dance around on water like she does.

    Thanks for taking part!
    Colonel Angus

    Be sure to drop these guys a reputation point for their contribution to this article!

    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the thoughts included in this article. If you'd like to have your voice heard then please PM me, Lockharted, with any enquiries. The topic for the next 'issue' of EoFF Speaks! is going to be story-centric. If you have something to say about your favourite Final Fantasy plot twist, or story moment, then I want to hear from you!

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    Damn this series has such great characters. I particularly enjoyed maybee's post on Zidane. Such a lovable guy.

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    Cid from VII is best!

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    I like Sephiroth. But only the shirtless and nipple-less version.

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