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Thread: Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #81

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    Default Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #81

    Hello there! Welcome to another grand week for amazing Final Fantasy fan arts! As your promoter of the fan arts, I would strongly like to encourage the members to visit the sources of the artwork they appreciate to provide comments to the artists, only if they have an account on DeviantArt! I also hope that the members also try to take part in the fan art contests. You do not need to be a great artist to participate, and you may even get to see your work on a calendar! Who knows? Anyway, let's get straight to this week's showcase. Enjoy!

    NeylaKara @ DA

    FFIX Blank in Evil Forest

    This may not be a great way to start off this showcase, but this fan art of Blank from Final Fantasy IX is still pretty darn good! It certainly does set a somber mood as we watch Blank get caught up before by the evil plants before turning into stone. Nice work!

    magnoli @ DA


    Everyone's favorite Viera from Final Fantasy XII! I really like the amazing coloring job the artist did with her drawing of Fran, especially considering it was done with coloring pencils. And the way she was drawn too is also a plus, showing off her great assets, if you catch my drift.

    EbonyOaks @ DA

    Moomba and the Butterfly

    What a really cute picture of a Moomba out in nature! This was the artist's first completed work done with a drawing tablet, and I have to say that it looks very good! I hope to see more like this from this artist soon!

    Johbee @ DA

    Devils laboratory

    Here's a fun fact: this particular artwork was done specifically for ai-kon! I have to say that I really enjoy the dark and evil look this picture is giving off. Brilliant job.

    Hatsudayo @ DA

    Miss Cloud

    Another picture of Cloud in drag? Why not? S/he seems to be popular so I present to you another great drawing of Cloud in a dress! I really love how Aeris seems to be enjoying this. Though, I'm not sure if the coloring is complete or not, since Aeris is not colored in. Oh well! It does look really good and puts this showcase to a good end.

    I am just... that ace!

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    Wow that's a great job with the traditional coloring on that Fran. I'm horrible about coloring with pencil.

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    I really love the fran too... I think even the design is prettier than the original :3

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    I used to color drawings in with colored pencils all the time, that looks ridiculously incredible for a colored pencil job.

    All of these are pretty good and I'm in agreement with Fran looking prettier, (no, I'm not just saying that because of how her breasts are drawn. Mainly I like her face and skin tone. Reminds me of the dark elves from Record of Lodoss War.) and the darkness in Kefka's drawing. I love the look on Aerith's face as well. Sums up that whole scene rather nicely.

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    It's always good to see Blank fan art. He's my favorite FFIX character, possibly because the Evil Forest scene is so memorable, but even before that I seemed to like him for the short period he was in the game.

    I've always wondered what was up with his skin and all the sewing in it. He looks Frankenstein'd!

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