71. The Mist Dragon is a unique summon in FFIV. Not simply because of its connections to Rydia, but because it's the only summon that gets stronger throughout the game. The Mist Dragon's damage is based on Rydia's HP amount. The higher her HP the more damage it does.

72. There is no Water element in the original FFIV, so mos uses of it are either Non-elemental (Leviathan or Cagnazzo) or does Ice damage (Edge's Flood Ninjitsu). Likewise, there is no Wind Element either, so Maelstrom is also non-elemental and can only knock your characters down to critical condition.

73. Despite being the water elemental fiend, Cagnazzo is actually weak to Ice. In fact the elemental weaknesses/strengths of the fiends is a little weird. Scarmiglion is weak to both Fire and Holy, but only his undead form, his living form has no elemental weakness. Cagnazzo is weak to both Ice and Lightning, Barbiriccia has no elemental weakness, and Rubicante is only weak to Ice without his special cloak. He is also the only fiend that absorbs his own elemental and has complete immunity.

74. Rubicante is the first FF villain who begins the trend of noble demon type characters in the series. Basically villains that work for the bad guys, but has enough good qualities to make them respected by the heroes and players. This trend would continue with characters like Gilgamesh, Ultros, Reno & Rude, Raijin & Fujin, and Lani.

75. FuSoYa has the twincast ability as one sees in the climatic final battle with Zemus when he and Golbez use W. Meteor together, but what you may not know is that the skill is programmed into him so if you were to hack the game to have either Palom or Prorom in the party and have them cast Twincast, FuSoYa will actually cast the spell with them.

76. The DS version of FFIV retcons the origins of airships in he games. In all other versions, airship technology is created by Cid after he deciphered ancient texts to learn how to make heavy objects float. In the DS version, it is Kluya, Cecil and Golbez's father, who teaches this technology to earthlings.

77. FuSoYa is one of the few playable FF characters in the series who has never been given an official age. Likewise, we know so little about Lunarians in general that we don't even know how they age normally, but we do know that FuSoYa has been watching the Lunar Sleep since the Luanrians traveled to the Blue Planet, But even this timeframe is unknown. FuSoYa may actually be hundreds of thousands of years old.

78. The idea of the doomed Lunarian home world is like based on the Phaeton planet theory that proposes that the asteroid belt within the Milky Way may be the remnants of a destroyed rock base planet that could have existed in the galaxy millions of years ago. Today, the theory is not really taken seriously anymore due to newer theories concerning galaxy formations.

79. If you take the HP totals Golbez has in the final battle (2943 or nikushimi 憎しみ) respectively, it actually says the word hatred. This almost feels like a coincidence until you play the After Years and his HP total changes to 2,971, which when said together says tsugunai (償い) which means atonement.

80. Zemus's name is Amharic for Prayer. Zeromus on the hand may be a play on this with the Zero part of his name signfying No Prayer, but this is speculation.

81. Oddly enough, Zemus, has two more HP than either of the Zeromus forms.

82. The FFIV novelization froma few years back actually named the Mysidian Elder, which fittingly is Minwu.