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  • Tidus

    7 18.42%
  • Wakka

    4 10.53%
  • Kimahri

    7 18.42%
  • Auron

    20 52.63%
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Thread: Who Is Your Favourite FFX Male?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pike View Post
    I still like Wakka and the way he'll just kick a blitzball at Sin because why not
    You've persuaded me. Wish I could change my vote now....

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    I just want to stop by and show some incredible love for Kimahri... dude left his home and his people to take care and watch over Yuna after her father sacrificed himself for Spira, leaving her all alone. He was branded a traitor by his people for leaving, and still he was there for her...

    He was even willing to fight Seymor all alone if it would save Yuna...

    Kimahri is legend.
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    Tidus, of course!

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    I dont like Tidus that much as a main character. His character is fine but I don't think he's a fulfilling lead.
    Wakka's dogmatic character and credulity isn't someone I'd have fun talking to.
    Kimahri was far from interesting to me. To be fair, not much could have been done to save him. I feel his character was stretched to its capacity. He was also my least used character

    so that leaves Auron. I liked the balance his maturity brought and that he's a critical minded person, as opposed to most of the cast who follow plans with blind faith almost (no pun intended, shut up). I don't think he'd make a good lead either but his character was more fulfilling relative to his role
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