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Thread: Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #87

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    Default Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #87

    Hello! Welcome to another edition of Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week! We have some great art to share. Also a quick announcement to make regarding this month's fan art contest. Since there has been no entries, there will be no voting for a winning fan art, so for the contest for next month will be needing two winners, so if anyone has a suggestion for a theme for next month's contest, that would be much appreciated! Now let's take a look at this week's showcase.

    ririna-olze @ DA


    Wow! This is a very nice fan art featuring many characters from the Final Fantasy franchise, along with several characters from Kingdom Hearts as well. I really enjoy the style of the artwork. Just look how cheerful everyone is!

    Bugendaiyaikari @ DA

    FINAL FANTASY Highwind

    While the quality of the picture is not the best, you can still see how awesome this picture is. Take two characters that share the Highwind name, Kain from Final Fantasy IV and Cid from Final Fantasy VII, and pair them together. Notice how both are considered Dragoons as they both use the spear weapon. As the artist put it, "kain is like cids great, great, great, grea.... grand father" His words exactly. Great stuff he has here!

    Pooky-di-Bear @ DA

    FFX - Never Forget

    Now here's a lovely drawing of Yuna with a silhouette of Tidus standing behind her. One could say that this represents her memory of him and has not fogotten him. If you enjoyed this picture, you can also purchase it as a print from her Etsy shop!

    GetterKid @ DA

    snow tech

    I really dig this picture of Snow. It looks really futuristic, especially with that background.

    aerirue-chan @ DA


    Lastly, we have a Noctis fan art. Considering that a new trailer has been recently released, a fan art of one of the main characters seems appropriate by now. Wouldn't you agree? Let's hope that it doesn't take another 8 years to finally releasing this game.

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    I like all of these, but the first one is just amazing, so well done.
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    Wow, Noctis' eyes are super cool looking!

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