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Thread: Massive NASCAR post-race brawl at Texas Motor Speedway

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    Default Massive NASCAR post-race brawl at Texas Motor Speedway

    On Sunday, after the conclusion of the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon, Brad Keselowski, and Kevin Harvick were involved in a post-race altercation that erupted into a massive brawl. Keselowski hit Gordon from behind while trying to pass him, causing him to spin out and blow a tire; he finished 29th, while Keselowski finished 3rd; Gordon's teammate, Jimmie Johnson, won the race, despite being eliminated from championship contention (the new Chase format involves eliminating drivers from contention along the way), and Harvick finished 2nd. After the race, Gordon parked his car next to Keselowski's car on pit road in order to confront him, when Harvick shoved Keselowski from behind, causing Gordon, Keselowski, and several of their pit crew members to physically attack each other with punches and grabs, resulting in cuts, bruises, and bloodshed. Just two weeks prior to this episode, Matt Kenseth jumped and grabbed Keselowski from behind in a post-race fight at Charlotte Motor Speedway after Keselowski played "bumper cars" after the race, but this Sunday's brawl was a much nastier melee, as it involved about 20 people punching and grabbing each other, leaving some with blood on their faces. Keselowski was already penalized for playing bumper cars that led to his altercation with Kenseth, so perhaps NASCAR will penalize him some more, and perhaps Harvick too, for instigating.
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    Keselowski had it coming. He's been a real dick this season.

    The real story is the fact that Gordon hasn't had a championship in a very long time, and he's had a great season. The new championship format is a gridded, knockout-style bracket where the top competitors have been locked in since September, and are being knocked out progressively based on points. This upcoming race is the final knockout round. That's when the final four get locked. Who ever has the most points out of them after the last race gets the cup.

    Gordon was in first place this past weekend, up until a caution came out. At the restart, he was duking it out with Johnson, when Keselowski came in, rammed him, and cut down his back left tire. He got smurfed. He's still in the chase, but he's hanging on by a thread. Now, a bad performance next weekend could take him out of the final four, whereas if he had a first place finish he would have been guaranteed a spot in the final four.

    Keselowski didn't need to race dirty like that, and he's done a lot of stuff like that in the past season. He's made a lot of drivers really, really angry. He's gonna have a hell of a time making it past the finish line in one piece this coming weekend,

    (I don't know if any EoFFers know this, but my wife is a huge NASCAR fan. Gordon is her favorite driver. It was a bad Sunday.)
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    My dad is a huge fan Johnson fan. I've never liked keslowski much, he always came off as a arrogant little prick. Kinda like Kyle Busch. I hope someone takes him out this weekend. Didn't he piss Harvick off too? That's probably not a good idea, that dude just looks like he's a sociopath or some trout.

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    Following the Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500 at Phoenix International Raceway, both Gordon and Keselowski are out, as Kevin Harvick won, and while Gordon finished 2nd, Ryan Newman made a last-lap pass on rookie Kyle Larson, which sent him into the wall, to achieve the required position needed to eliminate Gordon from title contention. The final four drivers in contention, none of whom have ever won a championship before, are Harvick, Newman, Joey Logano, and Denny Hamlin.
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