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    Ok so If I think this temporary forum is the best chance I'll ever get to bring up this amazing web novel series.
    When it starts off the premise seems cliche and generic but it expands into an amazing universe with amazingly well fleshed out characters and stories.
    The main character is a teenager but dont let that put you off. The themes and events are definitely suitable for an older audience.

    Its might take a while to get through but once I got into it I could hardly put it down.

    If you like comic book related media and need your superhero fix between marvel movies and cant afford comic books then read Worm!
    If you dont fit into that category of people read Worm anyway.

    I dont like to overhype things but I have no doubt that no amount of hype can measure up to the amazingness that is Worm.

    Has anyone else read this series?
    If so help me convince the rest of the forum to try it.
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