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Thread: Top Video Game Characters

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    I can give you some helpful tips on PB if you find it is getting difficult. The game has a few mechanics to it that make the main game a breeze if you understand them.

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    Awesome, I'll definitely come to you if I need some help!

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    It's enough... isn't it? It's not enough.


    Masato and Kengo (Little Busters!)

    With a cast as amazing and as much focused on its female characters as Little Busters, or Key games in general, I almost find it funny how the male cast is the one that really stands out to me.

    Why I like them

    Masato and Kengo are the two best bros I've ever seen. Masato is an awesome best friend right from the get go and that doesn't change. Fun as hell in the common route, and a thoughtful friend in the character routes, always giving Riki his space when he needs it, and just being there lightening the mood when things get darker. Kengo stays back in the beginning but undergoes a total change when he injures his arm saving a suicidal girl's life. Suddenly he becomes another Masato, fun-loving and wacky. But when the situation calls for it, goddamn is he reliable. He truly shines in the semifinal story arc, when (SPOILER)he helps Riki in his fight against Kyousuke when things start looking real bad for Rin. And that "CHEAP TRICKS" yell probably tore through every reader's heart (I will never forgive the anime for spoiling this scene).

    And of course Refrain gives both Kengo and Masato their own Episodes, which changed everything. Masato's backstory never ceases to make me feel warm, and the realizations that hit you during Episode Kengo... just wow. The Little Busters would truly lack something without either of them there. They, together with Kyousuke, are just about the main reason why I love this visual novel so much.

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