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    This works on the original SNES Final Fantasy II that began the number confusion of the series.

    What it does is:

    1. All items used outside of battle do not decrease in quantity

    2. Every time an item is used, Slot #1 on the item screen will change into another item, keeping its quantity.

    Any item in the game, yours for the taking...though most of them just said "Dummy," (i.e., they were "dummied" out of the game by the designers) if you kept track of the number of times you had to cycle to get to a particular item say Sirens, for example, you could summon PinkPuffs constantly. But then, if you wanted to see the dialogue for when you trade in the PinkTail, you can also just make one and bring it to the guy.

    Anyone ever do this back in the day? It is cheating of the highest order, of course, but I didn't care. I was 15 or something.

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    I used the W-Item glitch in FFVII, this doesn't seem any worse. I think things like this just keep you from having to grind for money and items. Plus you're usually a millionaire by the end of these games anyway, so in the end it evens out in my opinion. Its when you give yourself max stats and stuff that I start to get a little leary about how enjoyable a game can be with cheating. Items and money don't bother me. But I never owned a Game Genie or ProAction Replay or any of those things, so I was never able to do much cheating on old consoles outside of things like the Konami code

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