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Thread: Just Plain Fun

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    Banished and Civ are always there for me to just space out and play.

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    I don't really have a go-to game for this kind of thing. Football Manager is close, but it's a commitment. Playing just a couple of games isn't fun in it's own - I have to play for a long, long time for it to be fun. FreeCell is the opposite. I love playing it, but I don't want to play it for two hours. Both games require use of my brain, although I wouldn't call either mentally taxing.

    Final Fantasy XIV is the game I sit around and do bugger all in sometimes, but it's mentally taxing in that I am a leader of a Free Company and often find myself being pressured to do something or having to deal with some random drama, and that (the latter in particular) can be draining. I find it a bit boring at times, too, doing the same thing over and over.

    Really, the thing I like to do most is just kick back and play a game I haven't already played, which means that I don't have "That One Game I Go To". Hope that makes sense!
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