I know there was a thread about this months ago, but hell if I can find it. I think enough time has passed to warrant a new thread, anyway. If not, I trust the staff will merge this with the existing thread.

Keeping to my reputation of being late to the party, I finally got and played this game today. Was the game glitchy for anyone else? Because the damn thing kept lagging on me and I had to restart the game two different times. I thought it was my computer, but that makes no sense. Game of Thrones plays just fine and that's a newer game.

I liked it okay. Not gonna lie, I was an asshole. Picked the punch option every time it came up. Gotta be persistent. You don't want me as your sheriff though.

Also, I hated Bloody Mary so smurfing much. Bloody Mary SpoilerKilling her was the most satisfying part of the whole game. I guess that means they made a good villain.