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Thread: Plot Holes?

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    Default Plot Holes?

    Hey, has anyone else who's played FFII ever get to certain parts and notice how some things don't make too much sense? Like these for example:

    1. Leon somehow survives the Dreadnought exploding despite not being as close to the exit as you are and you only just making it out.
    2. Everyone is totally cool with trusting Pirate Captain Leila with their stuff.
    3. Leila somehow survives Leviathan and her ship breaking and a swim all the way to Fynn right before you find Ricard and beat the boss in said sea monster.
    4. If you flew out of Palamecia on the wyvern before it was destroyed, how does the airship end up parked outside of Fynn?
    5. That implied boss fight with Leon would have been insulting if it had happened since he had 1098 HP upon joining the party. Why were we scared of that guy again?

    I tend to over-analyze things, but I hope I'm not alone in thinking these are confusing.

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    It was Square's first attempt at making a more story driven game and even though they hired an actual author to pen the plot there is only so much you can do with a rudimentary knowledge of programming for the 8-bit NES so there was bound to be lots of wonky parts or story/gameplay segregation.

    Leila to me is a bit of a shout-out to FFI where beating Bikke involved him mending his ways and giving you his ship. As for Leon, he's pretty badass from a concept level and statistically he is probably the best party member to join you since he's not completely useless when he joins; unlike the majority of the fourth party members barring Minwu and possibly Josef.

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    Yeah, that's true. the 1980's had great games, but not many had actual plots. When FFI is considered a landmark for certain story elements, it's easy to see how the attempt on FFII could have holes the size of craters.

    As for the 4th party members, I can only remember Minwu being any good, but Josef could at least damage the Adamantoise with physical attacks, and I have a way to make Leon viable in the final dungeons. Ricard and Scott are lifesavers in SoR if you didn't level up Minwu or Josef. Sadly, Leila and Gordon might as well be made of glass, but at least they're quick hitters.

    Oh, and yes, Leila and Leon are badass. That's easy to see. It's too bad some people don't like Leon...

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