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    Default Fun with Pokemon

    What are some fun things you did on Pokemon (any Pokemon game) that you just did for the heck of it?

    When I was a kid I used to record footage from Pokemon Stadium and pretend that it was a Pay-Per-View event like something you'd see on UFC or WWE. And the Main Event was Pikachu versus Charizard. So, after going through all these different matches, I make it to the Main Event, and you can see just the size difference between them and everything. Pikachu just happens to go first, so Pikachu uses thundershock, and in classic one hit KO fashion Pikachu takes out Charizard in one freaking hit and that's the match. Pikachu won. Just imagine sitting in the stadium and watching this little yellow mouse take out this HUGE dragon right in front of you. It was hilarious. No wonder Team Rocket wanted that Pokemon.


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    Riding my bike the "wrong" way on the bike path because, well, I am a rebel like that...and then feeling the wind in my hair as I go back down again.
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    Trying to use repels on the trees that need to be cut down because I was 10 and didn't speak English too well. This game had infinite puzzles. Good times

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