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Thread: 2015 Media Log

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    I'm not even going to try this year because I've failed each time so far. I like reading other peoples' progress through the year, though.

    My favorite ss writer is Amy Hempel. Her stories swing between 1 and 68 pages ("Tumble Home" is the longest I've read). Micro short stories (1-3 paragraphs) is kinda a thing now. I still don't know what I think about it. But it's a convenient way to pad your numbers! If you're running behind come December, grab The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel, skip "Tumble Home" and you'll knock out 49 stories in single sitting.

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    Utterly failing at my goals so far. I've only completed five films this whole year and caught up with two shows I was already watching, but I didn't finish out Futurama and sped through The Peaky Blinders pretty quickly. I recently joined a film club, so I hope to knock a bunch more off my list in the coming weeks. One day I'll get through my AFI Top 100 list!

    Reading two books simultaneously right now; the rest are on hold. Dealing with huge life changes for the past month have left me little time to relax and enjoy myself.

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