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Thread: Importance of Strategy and How You Don't Need to Power Grind

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    Nom nom nom Importance of Strategy and How You Don't Need to Power Grind

    (This post WILL give away strategy spoilers)

    I'm writing this mainly because I still see people here thinking they need to spend hours at a time beating themselves up or using the select-cancel trick to win the game. And then they say the game is tedious and not very fun. Well, I'm going to talk about the first instances in the game where people say the can't win unless they grind. I'm also going to tell you that... it's really not necessary. At all!

    Some of this many already know. But in case you don't and you think the game is hard, then hopefully this will help.

    This IS the first Final Fantasy game that pushed using strategy! FF I tried with some useful spells (if you managed to conserve what little MP they give you) and special armour and weapons that cast spells (but had little effect by the time you got them). Ultimately, you had to basically spam "Attack" to win.

    Final Fantasy II gives you some VERY important special weapons in the beginning of the game. One of them I would argue should be kept up through end-game! The first two important weapons are found within the dungeon where you'll need them.

    In the Snow Cavern is the almighty Ancient Sword! Never give this baby up!!! The boss of this dungeon is Adamantoise. This tough cookie has such a high physical defense, your swords and axes are near useless! Sure, Ice can work, and I'd recommend using it. But what about that weapon the game just gave you? Equip the Ancient Sword, give him a wallop upside the head, and he's cursed! Now pummel him into mush if you want to!

    I hear many people say Shrieker and Gigas are the reasons you need to level grind like mad. Well... have you tried Ancient Sword? With hardly any level grinding, and with weapons around Level 3/4/5, I put Curse on this bad mother, and then killed him in three easy rounds.

    Another great tool is within the Dreadnought. The Crescent Sword (I believe it's called Sleep Sword for NES). It does what the NES name says, it puts enemies to sleep. Just like the Snow Cavern, the giant toughie in this area is difficult to kill with either weapons or magic. The Ancient Sword can easily lessen Gigas' attacks and defenses, but the game just gave you something to play with. The Crescent Sword puts him to sleep! Maybe you've also won the Berserk spell from the Warlocks (Magician in NES) from the long trek or inside the Dreadnought itself. The Berserk spell is also one to use through end-game. I mean, it's basically Haste and Steel from FF I... On my recent playthrough through this dungeon, Gigas only got one hit on me before put him to sleep. Going to Deist Cave and taking on two of these guys with only about 500 HP is a piece of cake if you use everything I said above.

    While I said this was the first game to really incorporate strategy into the battles, it's still in the beginning stages. You probably won't find as many intricate strategies like you can from SNES-era onward. Also, I haven't played this game very often so I don't know everything. Heck, I didn't know the Crescent Sword works on Gigas until recently! On my first playthrough, I was simply abusing Ancient Sword and Berserk. Now, I'm playing through and making an effort to really try out everything! So there may be more goodies for me to find. But I think this is a good start for those who have trouble with this game. If you've never tried this before, I hope you do in a future playthrough, and I hope you end up having fun!

    I realize this could probably go in the FAQ. The reason I'm risking making its own thread is because I really want people to see this.

    Also, so actual discussion can take place here, can you share other strategies that make the game easier (or at least playable)? Talk about which one are better/worse/etc.? Let's show the community the game is fun!
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