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Thread: No really, what did you like about FF III?

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    I am a really big fan of FFIII (especially the Famicom version), it's one of my favorites. I love the soundtrack, the charming sprites, the job system (regardless that it's less advanced than FFV), the difficulty, and traveling its world. FFIII is really good!

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    I just started this again today. I cannot get over how much I love this game. It's just so joyful!
    And it's easy to play if you want something that doesn't require too much effort figuring out mechanics.
    Yep, Final Fantasy III is my relaxing FF title.

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    Recently beat the DS version. It has, by far, the worst balancing of any FF game there is, maybe only rivaled by IV. Heavily armored characters (Knights, Dk. Knights) can get crushed in a matter of a few rounds.

    That being said, still a very fun game to play. I really like the job selections in this, in particular the Scholar. I should've tried some other jobs like Viking & Sage, but other jobs seem more necessary. Unlike FFV, where you'll probably try to master (or nearly master) most of the jobs for most of the characters, in III that would not only be more of a chore, but unnecessary. The girl character (her name slips my mind, as I changed it) was only a White Mage & Devout for practically the whole game. In a sense, I kind of like that.

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    I enjoyed the fact that many dungeons had a unique twist. Often, you couldn't just take your favorite job, give it the best equipment, grind a little, and blow through each dungeon. Some you had to traverse in Mini form, forcing you to run or use mages. Several dungeons had splitting enemies, so unless you could hit the enemy for over 1,600 HP, another one showed up. I liked the variety, and the challenge level was just right...until the Cave of Shadows. Super easy in the DS version; super hard and long in the Famicom version, and followed by the ridiculous endgame with only one place to save (the Slyx Tower entrance).

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    The music. Easily the best of the first 4 FFs.

    Yes, including FFIV. It's that good.

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    Game has an overlooked soundtrack in my opinion. As far as the original incarnation of the game goes, Square pulled out all the stops making the NES soundboard sound much better than it actually is. Same thing with graphics on the NES version.

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