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Thread: no,really what DID you like about FF13-2

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    The fact Social Darwinism is a good thing and animal abuse is encouraged, even more than in Pokemon.

    Also the hard-hitting portrayal of our heroes' racism.

    (Sazh casts spells on Serah) "Good boy!"

    Yeah "boy" don't be thinking you can ride the White Folk's Chocobo.

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    Music, most parts of the story, exploration, level design and art direction, characters, battle system, graphics, brightly colored locations that varied...well, a lot of it. I don't have too many complaints about the game.

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    The game was great
    Not a big fan of time travel but the yeul/caius/noel was pretty depressing. The battles were better. Also we got our chocobo racing, even if it was plain and on boring reg track. Needed tracks like on VII

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    Time Cop Snow.

    In fact, Snow in general.

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