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Thread: Community Update! Give us your thoughts or your soul

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    Default Community Update! Give us your thoughts or your soul

    Welcome to another edition of the Community Update! We've got some neato cheeto stuff for you to check out today, including an awesome Podcast for your listening pleasure! So stick around and see if anything catches your eye!

    The big day of love is coming up, what are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Romantic, chocolate filled holiday, or commercialized dreck?
    Check out the Pilot episode of the EoFF podcast featuring Shauna, Datt Matt, and Jinx!
    This week in Social Media is up to its third week! Come see what's been going on around the web!
    Do you live in the UK? Or perhaps you're just interested in politics? Come discuss the parties, voice your concerns, and take the test!
    What kind of music do you listen to while studying/working? Come share with us!
    The Sports Forum is still going strong, and of course there is much discussion about the Super Bowl! Go [insert team of choice]!!
    The lists are upon us! Come see Pumpkin's top 97 games and don't miss ToriJ counting down the Tope 30 PSX games!
    There's a new level of the absurdly entertaining I am Bread, played for us by Psychotic. Warning: lower your computer volume for this video!
    How has your opinion of Final Fantasy changed over the years? Come and let us know!
    There's a new PS4 exclusive being teased called Project Code Z! Are you interested?
    What is your favourite version of the classic Final Fantasy IV?
    How about your favourite Final Fantasy IX song?
    Who was Cloud's canon love interest? Feel like settling the age old debate?
    Are you a fan of unbeatable boss battles? Which ones are your favourites?
    And last but not least, check out the latest episode of Shauna and Dat Matt's FFX LP for much hijinks and shenanigans with the game in the background!

    I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of the Community Update, and I hope to see you back here again soon! In the meantime, enjoy some Final Fantasy themed Valentine's Day card to get you prepared for the big day!


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    I hope we get more FF themed v-day cards cause those are great!

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    I want Celes to be my Valentine <3

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    I want Terra to be my valentine

    I also want to be Setzer Gabbiani because the goddamn Blackjack is the best airship

    All other airships may get in LINE

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    Love the Celes Valentine's card; best scene in the game and one of the best in the series.

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