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Thread: Would store bought pizza contain these mushrooms (serious question - contains video)

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    I was just like, hey who the smurf is Fury? I totally said they were button mushro - oh.

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    I'm a day late obviously (didn't want to tempt fate, I guess) but both last night, and the night before I drank the same amount I usually drink, and as you can see, I'm fine. In fact, I didn't even feel the slightest bit weird.

    The first night (when I had some wine, then chickened out) was hopefully just paranoia. Thanks for putting up with me on this everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Night Fury View Post
    What is going on? Is this serious?

    As as for the pizza I'm pretty sure that tesco just use regular button mushrooms otherwise they'd have to specify the type.
    Yes, this was serious, unfortunately. I tend to get paranoid very easily, and I just wasn't sure if I was safe or not, but you're probably right that they would specify the type if there was a risk involved.
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