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Thread: How do you party?

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    Only played once (a couple of weeks ago) but same as OP - Firion and Guy as warrior types, but Firion doing a bit of secondary healing (Guy, of course, is the brawny dumb one who wouldn't know spells) and Maria as archer/healer, throwing in black magic where it's needed (but preferring to hack and slash where possible). Yay for terrible stereotypes

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    Firion - Knives and white magic
    Maria - Staves and black magic
    Guy - No magic, swords and shields only, final destination.
    Leon - Keep him the way he is, he comes in too late to really customize anyway.
    Minwu - Take off the crappier white magic and give him some damaging spells.
    Josef - Keep him the way he is in the NES/PS1 versions, in the later versions give him a shield and some other weapon.
    Gordon - Keep in the back row and give him a bow.
    Leila - Dual wield with knives.
    Richard - Give him spear and shield.

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