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    About me

    Hi there! I'm an indie game developer working together with a small team of artists on an Action-Adventure/RPG for the Nintendo Switch. Today I wanna share our new trailer with you! Being a Final Fantasy fan for almost 20 years, I'm happy to show off a glimpse of my work on this forum to like-minded people. While the gameplay is mostly inspired from Zelda, Final Fantasy had a great influence on me when it comes to storytelling (this is not part of the trailer though because we have not reached this stage in development yet). Feedback is greatly appreciated, either right here or you can join our Discord server:

    Watch trailer on YouTube:

    About Sikanda

    Sikanda is a 3D top-down Action-Adventure with RPG elements, inspired by famous Japanese SNES classics of the 90s. The game takes place on a floating island and tells the story of a young hero who incidentially found an ancient pendant named "Sikanda". Throughout the adventure, the hero acquires several skills for "Sikanda" to transform it into powerful weapons and tools. All of them are invaluable instruments in order to fight their way through dungeons and encountering fierce enemies. As the very existence of the island gets threatened by a group of sinister strangers, the hero not only will have to accept that "Sikanda" is the only way to stop them but also that there is a connection between the mysterious island, the ancient relic and the hero's own fate...
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