So here it is at last, I'm starting this art thread I've thought starting for a long time. Thanks belongs to LoonyBob and a couple of other nice people who suggested I did this!
I'll be posting mainly Final Fantasy related fan art, at least for now. Let see how things get going . For my history as an artist, I briefly could say that I have always liked to draw but it really got me hooked again for real about two years ago. The more I do it the more serious I've come to be with it, and I'm striving to be always better, technically and in all ways.

I'll start by posting the paintings I have right now on my deviantart site as well, and I'll try and update this as often as I update my gallery in devianart.

Here's the first one, going from oldest to the newest:
ffix_ruby_by_midorisa-d7ylusq.jpg So its Ruby from FFIX .


ffvii___vincent_attack_by_midorisa-d86qnwt.jpg Some more action with this, Vincent from FFVII.

That's that for now, I'll post more soon, I just wanted to get this thing started. I appreciate all the feedback and support .