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Thread: I wrote a profile of Alexander O. Smith (FFX, XII, Vagrant Story) for Edge Magazine

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    Default I wrote a profile of Alexander O. Smith (FFX, XII, Vagrant Story) for Edge Magazine

    Hey all,

    On a trip to Japan last autumn I had the opportunity to interview Alexander O. Smith. If you're a Final Fantasy fan, you should know the name: he started working in localization at Squaresoft in the late 90s and is largely responsible for setting the tone of the Ivalice games, specifically Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII. He also did a large chunk of the localization on Final Fantasy X, and after leaving Square has translated some other games you've probably played, like Phoenix Wright.

    Anyway, that lengthy interview turned into a profile of Smith for Edge magazine. It's almost 4000 words! You can find it in the latest issue with Bloodborne on the cover.

    Here's a picture of the opening page!


    The paper version of the mag is only published in the UK I think (or maybe the rest of Europe). But you can grab it digitally on iTunes or Google Play.

    Check it out if you want to read about the Squaresoft of the late 90s. He had some amazing stories about the English VO recording for FFX, especially.

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    That's awesome man, I'll have to check it out. It's pretty interesting hearing about how they made everything work and I think people don't appreciate what a high level of quality he brought to game writing, not just localization.

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