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Thread: Was this your first FF?

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    No. I started with FFI on NES. Been an FF fan all of my life - and I love FFXIII. Although I will admit that it has its problems. As far as the idea of older fans being more disappointed goes... I already got my nerd rage out when Final Fantasy X pissed me off for being linear and not having a world map (I still hate Tidus to this day. However, I feel like X is a great game in retrospect) and Final Fantasy XI being an online game. FF has been changing for a long time. I have accepted it and moved on and I find that the modern games have things I like about them.
    Lamia's Tiara- Headgear in FFIX
    Lamia's Flute- Weapon for Eiko in FFIX
    Lamia in FFV- a enemy
    appearance: a lady with long brown hair, wearing a tiara...half woman and half snake.
    Lamia in FF3j- A Harp
    Lamia in FFL2- An enemy
    FF2j Queen Lamia, at one point she even gets Frionel in a bedroom with her and jumps on the bed and says "take me!".. before she turns into her snakey self. She serves as a mini boss in this game (as Queen Lamia).. and after you fight her as a mini boss, regular lamia's become random foes and later on in the game, Queen Lamia's become random foes as well.
    LamiaScl. an item that paralyzes foes.
    According to legend, she was once a Libyan queen (or princess) who fell in love with Zeus. Zeus' jealous wife Hera deformed her into a monster and murdered their offspring. She also made Lamia unable to close her eyes, so that she couldn't find any rest from the obsessing image of her dead children. When Zeus saw what had be done to Lamia, he felt pity for her and gave his former lover a gift: she could remove her eyes, and then put them on again. This way, though sleepless, she could rest from her misfortune. Lamia envied other the other mothers and took her vengeance by stealing their children and devouring them.

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    A visiting little kid at my house insisted I stick FF13 in. The opening cinematic played. He responded "Oh my God! Final Fantasy is so badass!"

    I died a little inside.

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    I'm fortunate to have played video games during the golden age of Squaresoft. If this had been my first FF, I wouldn't have tried the others in the series.
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