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Thread: My thoughts on Noel Kriess

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    Default My thoughts on Noel Kriess

    When reading this. Just keep an open mind. It is my biased opinion on how I disagree, dislike, and have trouble tolerating this character. Where do I start....

    Noel Kreiss from Final Fantasy 13-2. This guy is literally an idiot. He has no common sense. He's pushy and most of all he's a prick. He's always up in Serah's business. He bad mouth's her fiance Snow and she just stands there and doesn't even defend Snow. Most couples in real life would have told him to shut up. Most of all, when ever you're bad mouthing someone's significant other, you risk getting your teeth knocked in. Yet, Serah never stands up to him. She just lets Noel vent his silly immature rants about Snow and how he wants to save the future. Thats pretty much his vocabulary through out the entire game.

    "Snow shouldn't have left you behind! He turned his back on you!"....Okay buddy, none of your business..... stfu. That's Serah's and Snow's relationship and thats private.

    I'm surprised Snow never punches him in the face as Lightning would have like she did Snow in the first game. You go to a jungle to fight a huge flan and what made me decide I hated Noel was his attitude. Serah is finally seeing Snow, and Noel doesn't back away and give them some space. He acts like a total jerk off and instead of giving Serah and Snow some time. He's chewing Snow out and acting like a jealous lover.

    He's practically up in everyone's face. The only 2 people he does respect is Hope and Lightning.

    If its not about some whiny remark about Snow and Serah's relationship. Its some pity remark about saving the future and Serah just naively follows a long.

    Here's what I don't get. Not only is Noel obviously uneducated. It surprises me how....Serah is so naive to believe every line he feeds her. Sure, Noel isn't a bad guy, but he's a very poor one. He lacks the skill of keeping his mouth shut. He always has an opinion in the game. Nothing constructive.

    What irritates me that Square made him look very similar to Squawl from Final Fantasy 8....he was practically mute through out 8. But Squawl, being one of the smartest characters in FF8, if he didn't have anything to say, he didn't comment. If he did, it was something useful.

    Another thing that irritates me is how much FF13-2 makes this idiot and Serah look like a couple.

    A huge quality that really makes me hate Noel it that he always tries to be a white knight and I mean literally, but he fails horribly at it.

    I swear Square Enix did not give his character some thought. He's some idiot that comes out of no where. Tells everyone hows he's going to fix the future than he and Serah ride off in the sun set. He's rebellious and he heads on into things with out thinking.

    He makes a promise to all of Serah's friends that he can't keep. Serah dies at the end. Gee, good going there buddy. Another jerk point to your ego.

    In my opinion. He's the dumbest FF character ever made. He makes Tidus look like a genius and everyone loved Tidus, despite the fact he was the second character that I thought lacked intelligence. But was not without common sense. The one thing Tidus did have that Noel doesn't is charisma and he has a lot of it.

    As Noel just comes off as the jealous dim witted controlling boy friend wanna be.

    But mainly, he's the main reason why I had a hard time wanting to play FF 13-2. Recently I've been playing it and I realized how much I hate him. Every word out of his mouth just discourages me from wanting to play this game although I've beat it before. Just when I think I do like Noel. Just something stupid comes out of his mouth. He really tops the chart of my character black list.

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    Ok so this is a Noel bashing topic. Here are my thoughts.

    Noel really was the main villain. When Lightning had the chance to stab the heart of Chaos she refused and just beat the crap out of Caius. You are suppose to defeat him. Noel refused to kill him. Instead he should have killed Caius and took the heart of Chaos like he was born to do. From there he would have unlimited Yuels to reproduce and let mankind live on.

    Instead he waits to kill Caius in Valhalla! That let Chaos flood the timeline and pretty much let the devil out of hell. He killed the world doing what he did. If at all he was going to kill Caius don't do it in Valhalla. Go back in time and kill him fair and square and take the heart. Problem solved.

    His character refuses to follow any prophecy. That is where he hurts the most. Even in lightning returns he fails at this. Sure it all works out some way in the end but he has an authority problem.

    How he treats Snow is another problem. He does not even try to be polite. That don't bother me that much but I see your problem there. He should be more considerate.

    I will also note I think Noel is a really good character and besides what I said he is still my favorite FF character. The fact that he is destined to be the last is what drove me to like him in XIII-2.
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    Neither he or Serah stood out enough to deserve my hatred, even in those pants. I was pretty indifferent to both as characters. I only have so much nerd rage in me, and it must go to better places than Noel.

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    Whenever Noel gets mentioned I just think of Deal or No Deal. Maybe he should try hosting that instead of being a lackluster main character in a game that every man and his dog didn't ask for xD

    Seriously though, I'm with Kyle in the fact that I didn't really feel much of a connection with him. He's "ok" but yeah, he did seem a bit nosy when it came to Serah and Snow. I mean he never even met the guy, in XIII-2 at least. I didn't play LR.
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    I found the CONCEPT of Noel - the last living man in the world, sent back in time to make things right - far more interesting than the character himself. I found him a bit bland to be honest, at least in FFXIII-2. I think that he did get more interesting in Lightning Returns, though.

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    i am actually pretty shocked at the noel hate i'm seeing around now. i found him a great character. he's so good in fact S/E could have written him by accident. not only is he cheeky and loyal (amongst other things), he also has cons that even him out like being too impatient or judgemental (and arguably his inability to let go of people he loves for the better good). the biggest downfall of his character was the forced romance of his that was the same as serah and snow. he really didn't need to be in love, at the very least not with a boring girl such as yuel.

    sorry for the bump

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