Most of you know that Final Fantasy XIV wasn't Square Enix's first MMO. Final Fantasy XI was its predecessor. Most don't know that it is still active and kicking! Even though Final Fantasy: XIV Heavensward is coming out, they haven't forgotten about their most successful Final Fantasy. Square Enix released a new video today showcasing the new May update for Final Fantasy XI.

The new content included is:

  • New battle content: Geas Fete
  • Seven new types of equipment
  • Mog House receiving a second floor expansion with new furnishings
  • Mog Garden has new creatures to rear
  • Warrior gets rebalanced abilities
  • Black Mage gets new abilities
  • Red Mage gets new spells
  • Dark Knight gets new abilities
  • Ninja’s ninjutsu being rebalanced
  • Corsair sees new abilities
  • Puppetmaster to get new automaton attachments

Check out the trailer!

There are no reports on a specific date when this will be released this May but it should be here soon. Are you still playing Final Fantasy XI? Have any good XI memories? If you are playing, are you excited about these updates?