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Thread: Displaying my Surface pro 3 screen through my ps4 onto the television.

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    Default Displaying my Surface pro 3 screen through my ps4 onto the television.

    So it is what it sounds like. There's no HDMI input for the Surface (or at least I don't know of a port for one) and I want to project my screen onto my tv through the Playstation 4. Anyone know of any way to accomplish this?
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    You don't want a HDMI input. You want a HDMI output. If it's anything like the surface pro 2, there is a mini displayport connector on it. Get a converter from that to hdmi.

    I would be greatly surprised if it was possible to display anything that wasn't a PS4 program through the PS4.
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    There isn't a way to utilize your PS4 as a medium for display transfer. There is a minidisplay port on the surface 3, though so you should be good if you wanted to do that. You can also look into the Intel Widi stuff or whatever the Roku equivelant is.

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