I've got two types of things I can do with Yu-Gi-Oh, so here's both of them.


Kaito Tenjo/Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Yuya Sakaki/ Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Sora Shiun'in/Des-Toy Scissor Bear (I made the sig before the english name Frightfur Bear was released)

Yuto/Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon


I took inspiration from Pokemon TCG having full art cards and decided to make the same for Yu-Gi-Oh

Numbers 9 - Dyson Sphere

Numbers 69 - Penetrating Octopus of the Dark Seas This is not a real card, me and two friends decided the Numbers 69 card had to be as sexually inappropriate as possible. Hence the tentacle penetration. I am only slightly sorry.

Laval Stennon - My friend's favourite card.

Dark Necrofear - I thought this one just worked well artwork-wise

Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon - One of my favourite cards and it's just beautiful.

Raidraptor - Rise Falcon - I made this one immediately after it appeared in the anime, I love Raidraptors so much.