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Thread: Random Little Annoyances

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    Person who calls work and immediately asks, with no abbreviation from me, "My car won't run. What will it cost to fix it?"

    Which is comically annoying, but not as annoying as this conversation.

    Schmuck: "Now I know you won't really be able to tell me anything accurate, but the [blank] my car, it doesn't work. I have no idea what's wrong, but try to give me a ballpark price."

    Me: "I really can't say. You haven't even told me what the vehicle is yet."

    Schmuck: "Oh. It's a 2008 ForSubOnda Peoplemover."

    Me: "Well, it could be one of several things in that vehicle. They're known for this, this, or this issue which can all cause that type of problem. Which typically means it can range from this to this price. Please bear in mind I haven't even seen your car, so this is a very generic price."

    Schmuck: "So it'll cost this much to fix?" (quotes minimal price)

    Me: "Possibly. I'd need to inspect the car first to know."

    Schmuck: "So it might be more than that now? Well I need someone who can stay firm on an estimate, and it sounds like you're already trying to increase the price." *click*


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkin View Post
    Our bedsheets were given to us a long time ago and while they work alright, they're actually a bit too small, so sometimes the corners will come undone. I hate that way more than I should.
    I get this as well and it is so annoying to put back in place. I'm short you see, and my bed is up against the corner and so to get the farthest away corner redone, I have to sort of stretch my body to reach over the bed. I hate bedsheets.

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    let me drive as physically close as possible to you are you going to drive faster now that we're bumper to bumper don't you know i'm an important car driver who has important places to drive their car to

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    When someone calls me 5 mins before their shift to say they can't make it in. Really, it's 3:30 am and you want me to find courage for you right now? No. You knew about this days ago.

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