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Thread: changing phones, needing input

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    Default changing phones, needing input

    My fiance had to get a new phone, due to...issues. she originally had handcent sms,but can't find the English version again. Does anyone know of a good sms app?

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    It depends on what functions she's looking for in her sms app, I personally have never had a problem with the default sms app that comes on my android.
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    She likes customization with them, pretty pictures in the back and all that.

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    Its a resource hog, but when I had the space, I usually went with GoSMS (or Go anything), as they generally spent a lot of time making options available for free, then you could buy themes and stuff if you wanted, but color options were all yours. Though it's been a year or so since I really messed around with an Android. Mine were generally really cheap and low on space or processor power and I've since switched to a Windows phone, which was cheap, had plenty of space, and power. Win/win/win. But if she's got a Galaxy or something that can handle some abuse, there's quite a bit out there

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    I got her using chomp, and have heard no more complaints do I got that's the end of it.

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    Oh I forgot about chomp. Chomp and handcent were the ones I relied on when I had no room or power for Go. They're really small and really customizable. Good choice then. Just keep Go in mind if she wants to dig a little deeper. It has emoji support, and lots of themes, both free and paid, and all that jazz. But I'm glad it ended well. I used to be a customization fanatic myself, so I know how bad it is when you have to go without and you're yearning for personalization. It's one of the many reasons I never got into Apple products

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