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Thread: The Show Must Go On! Six Things You Didn't Know about FFVI Thread 2.0

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    "Six things you didnt know about FFVI"

    Thats alot of 6 things. ALOT
    Lady Jen and Me <3

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    281. According to an interview with Kitase around VII's development, the development team wanted to have a scene (possibly the ending) where Relm would paint various pictures of the cast during pivotal moments in the game. What was interesting is that they wanted all the drawings to be in Amano's style. Unfortunately the hardware at the time made this impossible and the scene never left the planning stages.

    282. You know the Ten Moogles that help Lock out in the Narshe mines? Well barring Mog, the other nine all share data with one of the main party members, which means if you switch their Row, when the correct character appears, they will follow suit much like the Banon/Leo example I mentioned before.

    283. Speaking of which, there is an actual glitch in the game that lets you replace Celes with her Moogle counterpart, though said Moogle has horrible stats, locked equipment, and can't use Espers. The moogle's sprite is replaced by Celes' sprite when you reach the Opera but they are not actually switched out either.

    284. That same Moogle also has a glitch where their equipment is removed and placed into you inventory automatically when you reach the Floating Continent, despite the character no longer being in your party.

    285. Remember when I mentioned that FFVI had an unused lyrical track? Did I also mention that the track is sung by Nobuo Uematsu and the entire VI development team, or that the game's director Hiroyuki Ito wrote the lyrics? In fact I'll just let you listen to it...

    286. VI was the first entry in the series to have the soundtrack (somewhat) released in the West as part of a mail order campaign. The OST was called Kefka's Domain: The Complete Soundtrack from Final Fantasy III.

    287. Nobuo Uematsu once said that he almost quit making game music after finishing the OST for VI because he felt he had accomplished everything musically he wished to in the medium and didn't believe a future project would match the excitement he had with VI.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nobuo Uemtaus
    Final Fantasy VI was a sort of ending point for me. Not just the music, but the whole game. I thought, if I do this work for the rest of my life, how many more games will I be able to do? With the satisfaction and excitement I felt after finishing that project, I thought I had reached my primary goal, and could quit doing game music with no regrets.
    288. Did you know that Interceptor's special moves Takedown and Wild Fang are actually magic-based? The reason they do so much damage is because they ignore defense. Gives new meaning to his fan-nickname of "Interceptor the Wonder Dog"

    289. Ever wonder why the Phantom Train has an Impressario as well in the SNES version? Possibly because the Impressario we know is called Dancho in Japanese which roughly can mean "leader/commander of" and he may have originally been translated into English as Conductor (as in musical conductor) but decided that Impressario was more accurate. This may have screwed with the programming and accidentally renamed the Train Conductor to Impressario as well.

    290. The Fake Mustache is actually meant to be a shout out to the Impressario as well, since the original name of the Relic was Dancho's Mustache.

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    I declare this thread awesome. I only knew like 3-4% of this stuff and I love FF6

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    I don´t know if this was stated here before, but....

    FF6 has several elements from the Star Wars movie series:

    You fight against an evil empire.

    Empire soldiers use helmets similar to Star Wars' stormtroopers.

    The empire soldiers names Biggs and Wedge came from 2 rebel X-Wing pilots, friends of Luke Skywalker.

    The Ultima/Atma Weapon is portrayed as a lightsaber.

    The main villain uses an old "power", forgotten by ages, towards global domination... Magic on FF6, The Force on SW.

    The main villain can use a huge planet-destroyer ray (Kefka´s Light of Judgment and Vader´s Death Star ray).


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