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Thread: This week in Social media: Week 22

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    Default This week in Social media: Week 22

    What, Thursday already? Time files when you're having fun right? Dat Matt is back with another installment of This Week in Social Media to Tide you over until the weekened. It's gonna be a big one with the Ciddies and all!

    What do you mean it's the 4th of July?

    Twitter -

    Here's most of the gullwings visiting Besaid Island and hunting down treasure spheres. Paine is not featured as giving the peace sign is considered lame.

    Source - Twitter user @AllThatsCosplay


    Facebook -

    Remember kids. Don't smoke. It'll give you

    Bad Breath

    Source - via Facebook Group Final Fantasy XIII


    Pinterest -

    Refia, we've told you before. You can't be the white mage of the team if you're lying on the ground like that. Where's your staff woman? God damn Refia, giving the white mages of the world a bad name. Bet you wasted all your MP on Holy too.

    I mean... Yes. Great art. Yes.

    Source - Pintrest User Rebecca Johns


    Tumblr -

    Vivi Tattos~ Potentially one of the best Final Fantasy characters ever~

    Source - Tumblr User sealkitty


    Reddit -

    You know what's cool? Background animations from FF games. I've never noticed how good FFIX looked too~ Above is a sample of 5, but you can find the rest here

    Source - Reddit user Dan_Tsukasa


    Google+ -

    This ending is only possible if you didn't take Barrett on the Gold Saucer Ride. Sorry Paul~

    Source - Google+ - user Liliana Di Giuseppe


    Youtube -

    So you know what everyone hates? Final Fantasy XIII. I personally love FFXIII, but mostly for the music. Here is a 37 minute long compilation of some of the songs from FFXIII for your listening pleasure

    Source - Youtube User Elflyfreey


    That concludes this weeks showcase. Not as many anime girls or FFXIV this week. Don't worry though, I'll sort that out next time. Till then though, Happy Holidays whatever you plan to do (Join in for the Ciddies though...)

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    Loved looking at the backgrounds, I loved them on the PS1 FF's.

    Vivi tatt is class too.

    Str8 Pimpin'

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