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Thread: That running kid

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    Default That running kid

    You know, the kid from the Faster than Lightning quest? This kid challenged me to a race, but along the way I found this girl who needed medicine for her dad. And while looking for ingredients to make the medicine I found a guy who needed help with treasure. I did that, went back to looking for ingredients and after I got them all and was about to return to the girl who needed medicine, who do I see but that little kid plodding along. I completely forgot about him. I jumped ahead of him and waited for him to catch up. And then he said running was all he was good at. Poor kid, stuck as a five year old forever and really, really bad at the one thing you think you're good at.

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    I always just did 1 quest at a time unless it was one that took multiple days. The running kid never bothered me but for someone who don't know the paths I assume he might win... maybe?
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