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Thread: Edward Love

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    Oh, for his brief part in the main party hes absolutely the least useful member by a mile. I was just saying he is fun to solo and while doing so I realized what the original intent was, and its a fun way to play, and that I am fond of the concept and character. Its hard to argue that the execution is not poor, because if youre playing normally random encounters and bosses end about as quickly if Edward is even "contributing" or not.
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    He really saved my butt making enemies cast Break and Tornado on themselves rather than me. He was THE most useful character in that part of the game, and a key factor in my survival. If anything, I was disappointed he never returned with more awesome abilities (until the remakes, that is).

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    I love Edward, he's my second favorite Final Fantasy character after Kain.

    Yes, I mean come on- he's just lost his parents, his friends, his lover, his future kingdom, his people- all in one straight big go. You would be acting ''whiny '' too.

    Edward wasn't being sensible, because he just lost everything at once.

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