Let's Play Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster #1 - It's Showtime, Girls!

The Shaunas are back with their Let's Play of Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster! Are you ready for some fast paced battle silly plot-disregarding nonsense?

J-Pop concerts, reintroductions to classic characters, dresspheres, moogle costumes, introductions to new characters, garment grids, brand new content for the international edition, garment grids, airships, mild peril, hypello AND SO MUCH MORE awaits you in the pilot episode of this Let's Play! Or maybe that's everything, but you should tune in anyway.

As an added bonus, tell us which dresspheres you want us to use for each mission! We promise that we'll do our best with what you choose! All you need to do is post in the thread what clothes you want the girls to wear. Some caveats though:

1) All three Dressspheres need to be unique. No triple songstresses~
2) Have a least one class that deals damage. Keep in mind if you choose two non-damage dealing classes it'll be a very long and boring lets play with minimal #toppantz~
3) We'll do dressspheres on an Mission by Mission basis. If a Mission spans over 3 episodes we'll use the dresspehres until we get that saucy complete screen.

That'll be it for now. Get your votes in now to avoid disappointment (and we also need to record episode 2 so get down on it, get down on it)! Have fun and expect us again on Thursday~