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Thread: Would these been better/worse if they were non Final Fantasy titles?

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    Default Would these been better/worse if they were non Final Fantasy titles?

    So if Final Fantasy XIII had been retitled as its own series and not titled Final Fantasy, do you think peoples perception would be different. Would they have been appreciated more or hated more?

    Me personally, I feel that carrying the name Final Fantasy had alot of baggage due to nostalgia, so with these being drastically different than what people were expecting, I think these would have been liked more if they werent titled Final Fantasy. To me, I enjoyed all three. Each was unique and to me fun. I put over 100 hours into XIII, somewhere around 60 on XIII-2 and probably only 50 or so on LR but did 3 playthroughs of it. I dont typically invest that much time in a game. Last game to get that much from me was Oblivion, and Final Fantasy wise (not including when I was playing XI online) probably 8 or 9.

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    I get the feeling they'd be more of a cult hit than anything, since people tend to pass on anything original anymore and stick with name recognition. Maybe more people would like it if it had nothing to do with Final Fantasy (I've seen some say it should have been its own series anyway), but I still would have found the first game boring and never bothered with the sequels. My dislike of the game has nothing to do with FF nostalgia. It was just a boring game. Period.

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    I think these games wouldn't be made if they weren't FF because budget.

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