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    Default To give away

    I have a copy of FF XIII with a collectors poster still in packaging I do not wish to keep, I will be happy to give it to whoever would enjoy it. As many know I wasnt a XIII fan and when I bought them together there it sat. It is for the North American Xbox 360. First one to say send it my way gets it.

    *it is XIII-2

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    Rather than just saying "I'll give it to this person", you could run a competition to give it away. I mean I'd be happy to get the poster but I'm in the UK and that'd cost butts on packaging etc~. Why not have people saying in the thread in regards to why they should get it and choosing the best answer.

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    Well, I wouldn't mind having another copy or the poster. But, for others' reference, maybe posting a picture would help? There's a lot of XIII series posters out there, so... but anyways, I'll share this link to others.

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