So what spells do you wish were available in Soul of Rebirth, but weren't? On that note, do you think the spell choices for the Soul of Rebirth spell shops were good and reasonable?

I really wished there were enemies that dropped Osmose in Soul of Rebirth, even if they were made rare encounters. It really would've been nice to have the option of an easy Gil-free recovery method. And I kind of wish that Break was obtainable, even from one chest in Soul of Rebirth. I mean, that's literally the only spell most people are never able to teach the Soul of Rebirth team since one scroll is only gotten in the main game. I know people don't like status spells in general, but it still would've been nice for completion purposes.

As for the spell shop in Soul of Rebirth, they definitely got all the really important ones down. I actually always teach Scott all 16 of the purchasable Soul of Rebirth spells, since almost all of them are that useful. I do find it weird that Mini is among the purchasable spells, but I guess they did have to have at least one purchasable sudden death spell (well, it's sudden death for the enemy) to round it out. I also found it weird that Sap was among the purchasable spells, but I suppose it makes more sense than spells like Warp and Teleport. I do kind of wish that Swap, Barrier, and Wall were among the buyable spells, but I suppose since Shell covers all magical damage protection, it makes sense to exclude the other two spells.