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Thread: New Zealand wins second consecutive Rugby World Cup

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    Default New Zealand wins second consecutive Rugby World Cup

    On Halloween 2015, the New Zealand national rugby union team became the first team to win two consecutive Rugby World Cups, and three overall, by beating Australia 34-17 in the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final. They previously won the 2011 tournament just four years earlier, as well as the 1987 tournament.
    Is that your final answer?

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    Well done to them, nice to see the All Blacks finally putting an end to their World Cup jinx over the last two tournaments. And they're the best team around for sure.

    As for England this time - doh!
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    That All Blacks performance against France though. My favourite game of the tournament. Not seen such a domination over what is by and large a very good team. Scotland were robbed, northern hemisphere generally humbled, England not in crisis even if the media are desperate to paint it that way. Wales good but just not good enough yet again. When I grow up I want to be Sonny Bill Williams, partly because I'd be a good rugby player but mainly because I'd have the coolest name in the world.

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